Academic Policies

The academic rules and regulations of the University of Missouri are published online in the Collected Rules and Regulations of the University of Missouri and the MU Faculty Council Academic Regulations. The following are selected policies and procedures. Many are summarized as a guide for students. Students needing additional information on academic regulations in specific colleges and schools may obtain this information from their deans’ offices.

If a policy is only applicable to certain students and not all students, this is indicated with one of the following codes. Else the policy is applicable to all University of Missouri students.

(G) policy applicable to Graduate students only
(L) policy applicable to Law students only
(U) policy applicable to Undergraduate students only
(V) policy applicable to Veterinary Medicine students only

Academic Policies


Academic Dishonesty

Academic Progress (G)

Academic Progress (L)

Academic Renewal (U)

Academic Standing    

Accelerated Options         

Advanced Standing - Credit by Exam (U)

Application for Degree

Attendance (L)

Auditing a Course (Hearer)

Catalog Editions (which catalog applies to whom)

Class Cancellation Guidelines

Completion of a Course

Computer Policies (L)

Course Changes (V)

Course Repeat Policy

Course-Load Rules (L)

Credit for Non-Law Courses (L)

Deficient Academic Performance (V)

Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates

Disability Accommodations (L)


Dismissal and Probation (L)

Drug and Alcohol Policy

Dual Degrees

Dual Enrollment

English Language Requirements

Enrollment Requirements (G)

Examinations (U)

Examinations (L)

Externships (V)

Full-time/Part-time Status


Grades & Credits (G)

Grades & Ranks (L)

Graduate Academic Minors (G)

Graduate Assistantships and Fellowships (G)

Graduate Certificates

Grievances (L)


Honors Recognition (V)

Late Registration

Latin Honors

Leave of Absence

Leave of Absence (G)

Military - Active Duty

MU Course work Required

Name Changes

Non-Degree Graduate Study (G)

Posthumous Degree Awarding (G)

Refund of Fees Policy

Residency (L)

Revision of Records

Student Conduct (L)

Student Employment (L)

Student Files (V)

Student Level (U)

Testing Out of Courses (V)

Theses and Dissertations: Submission Deadline, Review and Public Disclosure (G)

Transfer Admission from Other AVMA Accredited Schools (V)

Transfer Credit (L)

Transfer Credit and Degree Applicability

Visiting Graduate Student Program (G)

Withdraw from the University

Withdraw from the University (L)

Withdraw from the University (V)

Withdrawing from a Course