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125 Jesse Hall
Columbia, MO 65211
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Defense and Strategic Studies

Stephen L. Quackenbush, Program Director
Truman School of Government and Public Affairs
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO 65211

Defense and Strategic Studies is an important area of study centered on understanding political and military strategy, including understanding topics such as the causes of conflict between and within states, military power and effectiveness, intelligence, diplomacy, and deterrence. These subjects are continually important for understanding international politics and security in an increasingly complex world.

Defense and Strategic Studies courses and programs are appropriate for current and future military officers, as well as civilians working or seeking to work in industries, government agencies, and think tanks related to international relations and national security programs and policy.

The Defense and Strategic Studies program is housed within the Harry S Truman School of Government and Public Affairs. An MA degree and an undergraduate minor are offered.

Professor J. Dow**, C Drury**, J. Dyer**, J. Endersby**, L. Keiser**, C. Koedel**, J. Krieckhaus**, P. Mueser**, P. Squire**, L. Williams**
Teaching Professor W. Horner
Professor Emeritus G. Adams, M. Diamond, T. Johnson, D. Weber*, B. Wechsler
Associate Professor C. Altman**, I. Arteaga**, R. McGarvey**, S. Quackenbush**, M. Stegmaier**
Associate Professor Emeritus C. Sampson
Associate Teaching Professor A. Hull*
Assistant Professor H. Ba**, J. Haselswerdt**, J. Ikuta**, B. Kisida**, M. Landgrave**, J. Mayo**, H. Paul**, B. Reeder**, D. Switzer**, W. Wang**
Assistant Teaching Professor R. Hernandez, K. Miller*
Associate Extension Professor M. White*
Assistant Extension Professor R. Russell
Instructor J. Martin*


Graduate Faculty Member - membership is required to teach graduate-level courses, chair master's thesis committees, and serve on doctoral examination and dissertation committees.


Doctoral Faculty Member - membership is required to chair doctoral examination or dissertation committees.  Graduate faculty membership is a prerequisite for Doctoral faculty membership.