Educational Studies

Dr. Lisa M. Scheese
Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis

The Bachelor of Educational Studies (BES) is for students with interests in the scientific and scholarly study of education and/or education-related careers in non-school settings. Specific areas of interest may include learning theory, technology in education (including game design), educational and community leadership, organizational change, and policies that shape learning environments. BES coursework provides a foundation in educational theory, research, and practice that engages students in settings where they can influence change (e.g., schools; international contexts; student affairs; churches; sports, non-profit, and private organizations).

This degree maybe be completed on campus or online. This degree takes an interdisciplinary approach with flexibility to personalize a program of study based on career aspirations and interests. Alternatively, students can select this degree with an emphasis in Educational Leadership or Educational Games and Simulation Design.

For information about the BES program, contact the College of Education & Human Development Advising Office.
Phone: 573-882-5659
Address: 102 Hill Hall

Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis
Professor S. Diem**, L. Dorner**, J. Hart**
Associate Professor E. Crawford-Rossi**, B. Curs**, C. Harper Morris**, S. W. Lee**, P. Mendoza**
Assistant Professor D. Palmer**, M. Williams**, M. Yang**
Teaching Professor G. Malfatti*
Associate Teaching Professor J. Fellabaum-Toston*
Assistant Teaching Professor C. Belcher*, L. Bentley*, L. Page*, L. Scheese*, B. Whitaker*
Postdoctoral Fellow Tanushree Sarkar
Professor Emeritus R. Andrews*, I. Cockriel*, S. Graham*, J. Valentine*
Associate Professor Emerita K. Cockrell*, P. Placier*, J. Simmons*
Clinical Associate Professor Emeritus D. Cockrell*

Information Science and Learning Technologies
Professor D. Adkins**, R. Marra**, J. Moore**
Associate Professor J. Bossaller**, S. Buchanan**, H. Moulaison-Sandy**
Assistant Professor H. Cho**, N. Glaser**, D. Oprean**, L. Ridenour*, X. Xu**
Associate Teaching Professor B. Brendler**, C. Dudenhoffer*
Assistant Teaching Professor J. Alston*, K. Jones*
Professor Emeriti J. M. Budd, J. Caplow, S. Erdelez*, G. Fitzgerald, J. Howland, T. R. Kochtanek, J. Laffey**

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Graduate Faculty Member - membership is required to teach graduate-level courses, chair master's thesis committees, and serve on doctoral examination and dissertation committees.


Doctoral Faculty Member - membership is required to chair doctoral examination or dissertation committees. Graduate faculty membership is a prerequisite for Doctoral faculty membership.

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