School of Law

203 Hulston Hall
Columbia,MO 65211-4190
fax: 573-882-4984

The University of Missouri School of Law offers a collegial environment, reinforced by a small student body and a low faculty-student ratio. The intimacy of this setting, coupled with reasonable cost, consistently high bar passage rates, a network of alumni around the globe and access to top scholars in the legal world, make the School of Law one of the best values in the nation.


  • Paul Litton, Dean and R.B. Price Professor of Law
  • Ben Trachtenberg, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Isidor Loeb Professor of Law
  • Sandra F. Sperino, Associate Dean for Faculty Research and Development and Elwood L. Thomas Missouri Endowed Professor of Law
  • Jennifer McGarr, Assistant Dean for Career Development and Student Services
  • Randy J. Diamond, Director of Library and Technology Resources and Professor of Legal Research
  • Ilhyung Lee, Director of the Center for the Study of Dispute Resolution and Edward W. Hinton Professor of Law
  • S. David Mitchell, Co-Director of the Michael A. Middleton Center for Race, Citizenship, and Justice and Ruth L. Hulston Professor of Law
  • Alisha L. Rychnovsky, Manager of Business Administration
  • JR Swanegan, Assistant Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid
  • Chelsea J. Coursey, Executive Director of Advancement

Mission Statement

The MU School of Law aspires to be the school of choice for outstanding students, both from Missouri and other states. As a national leader in the field of dispute resolution, we seek to complement a strong traditional curriculum with an orientation toward lawyering as a problem-solving endeavor. We strive to foster a diverse faculty of nationally recognized scholars who are committed to effective teaching, and to attract a student body with diverse experiences and views. We also strive to offer an intellectually rigorous and collegial environment for the study of law. Furthermore, we seek to graduate well-rounded lawyers who are sensitive to ethical issues, prepared to serve clients, and ready to be leaders in promoting justice.


Known worldwide for its Center for the Study of Dispute Resolution, the School of Law's curriculum combines both traditional law school classes with an appreciation of the many dispute resolution techniques in which lawyers engage and includes a certificate program in the rapidly developing area of dispute resolution.

Mizzou Law students are required to complete 89 hours of law school classes in order to graduate. Following the prescribed first year, students are required to take Constitutional Law, Evidence, Criminal Procedure, Professional Responsibility, and Property II. Several clinical and externship programs are available to upper level students, along with skills training in trial practice, negotiation, interviewing and counseling. The curriculum couples courses traditionally tested on the bar examination so that the law school can continue its long tradition of success on bar examinations nationwide, with cross disciplinary dual degree and certificate programs in several other areas. As a result, the law school’s curriculum is appealing not only to those who want to engage in the traditional practice of law, but also to those who want to use their law degree as a stepping stone into other disciplines.

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Below is a listing of policies that only apply to students in the School of Law. Be sure to also check the listing of the University's Academic Policies for policies that apply to all students.

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In coordination with the College of Arts & Science, the School of Law offers an undergraduate Minor in Law. For other undergraduate offerings please see the Degree Programs Table

The School of Law offers graduate degrees in American Law and Dispute Resolution. 

The School of Law offers a professional program, Juris Doctor.