Translational Biosciences

Patient-Centered Care Learning Center
LC301H PCCLC, DC018.00
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About Translational Biosciences

The Translational Biosciences PhD program represents a new paradigm for graduate training in biomedical research. This program will span the entire breadth of the biomedical research spectrum, from basic science discoveries to improved clinical outcomes and population health.  Students in the program will acquire a deep knowledge base of a chosen discipline and the ability to communicate and collaborate across disciplines.  Grounded in research programs supported by the NextGen Precision Health Institute and the School of Medicine, the PhD trainees will be actively contributing to the UM System-wide effort to translate ground-breaking biomedical research into life-changing reality for people in Missouri and globally. Completion of this program provides state-of-the-art research training to young biomedical scientists at the beginning of their scientific careers.

Curators Distinguished Professor M. Davis**, G. Weisman**
Professor L. Allen**, D. Anderson**, L. Beamer**, B. Beerntsen**, C. Brown**, D. Burke**, C. Bysani**, M. Calcutt**, A. Chandrasekhar**, M. Chapman*, S. Chen**, D. Cornelison**, S. Deutscher**, W. Durante**, D. Duren**, W. Fay**, W. Folk**, C. Franklin**, K. Gates**, R.D. Hammer**, M. Hannink**, M. Hill**, S. Hyder**, J. Kanaley**, G. King**, Z. Liu**, C. Lorson**, D. Lubahn, L. Martrinez-Lemus**, T. Mawhinney**, R. Mohan**, E. Parks**, S. Peck**, M. Petris**, C. Phillips**, T. Quinn**, H. Shirwan**, K. Staveley-O-Carroll**, R. Stich**, L. Sumner**, J. Tanner**, J. Thelen**, S. Van Doren**, X. Wan**, E. Yolcu**, H. Zaghouani**, S. Zhang**
Associate Professor J. Adamovicz**, J. Amos-Landgraf**, M. Baldwin**, P. Brown**, J. Cannon**, P. Cornish**, M. Daniels**, T. Domeier**, D. Duan**, A. Franz**, D. Gil-Pages**, B. Hahm**, A. Heese**, X. Heng**, A. Koo**, M. Krenz**, G. Li**, W. Ma**, S. McKarns**, J. Padilla**, A. Parrish**, L. Polo-Parada**, A. Schrum**, L. Schulz**, J. Skyberg**, G. Sowa**, E. Teixeiro-Pernas**
Assistant Professor J. Bath**, E. Boerman**, B. Bostick**, Y. Chabu**, A. Ericsson**, H. Huang**, X. Kang**, A. Kelleher**, M. Lange**, Y. Li**, J. Limberg**, J. Mitchem**, A. Patterson**, V. Vieira-Potter**, R. Whiting**
Research Assistant Professor R. Cortese** 
Director R. Edwards**
Lead Scientist A. Upendran**                                                                                                                                                                                     

While MU does not offer undergraduate degrees specifically in health administration, the University does offer baccalaureate opportunities in a number of related areas in the other Schools and Colleges that make up the University.  The catalog provides a complete list of these degree options.