PhD in Translational Biosciences with Emphasis in Cancer Biology

Degree Requirements

All PhD graduate students in the Translational Biosciences program will complete a total of 72 credit hours, including formal coursework and research credit hours. A minimum of 15 credit hours of formal coursework at the 8000 or 9000 level is required. Graduate students must maintain a GPA of 3.0 in their formal coursework. Research credit hours will be graded on a S/U basis.

Graduate students in the Cancer Biology emphasis area will be required to successfully complete at least one of the following Cancer related courses:

BIO_SC 8460Advanced Cancer Biology3
V_M_S 8419Advanced Topics in Cancer Biology and Clinical Oncology2
Advnaced Cancer Genetics*
Advanced Cancer Immunology*

Elective courses: It is expected that students will choose courses that will complement their individualized research projects. Below is a list of acceptable courses but other courses may count toward the degree with approval from their committee.

AN_SCI 8430Introduction to Bioinformatics Programming4
AN_SCI 8415Survey of Epigenetics3
BIOCHM 8432Enzymology and Metabolic Regulation3
BIOCHM 8434Signaling in Molecular Cell Biology3
BIOL_EN 8000Scientific Discovery Leading to Life Science Innovations3
BIOL_EN 8100Design and Development of Biomedical Innovations3
BIOL_EN 8280Advanced Biological Transport Processes3
BIOL_EN 8470Ultrasensitive Biodetection3
BIOL_EN 8570Microscopic Imaging3
BIOL_EN 8870Molecular and Cell Mechanics3
BIO_SC 8320Developmental Genetics3
CHEM 8280Bioanalytical Chemistry3
CHEM 8630Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry3
CHEM 8640Biological Radiochemistry3
LAB_AN 9437Pathology of Laboratory Animals4
LAB_AN 9468Laboratory Animal Biology4
MPP 8411Mammalian Pharmacology and Physiology5
MPP 9426Transmembrane Signaling4
MICROB 9407Advanced Immunology4
INFOINST 8005Applications of Bioinformatics Tools in Biological Research3
INFOINST 8150Integrative Methods in Bioinformatics3
INFOINST 8190Computational Systems Biology3
or INFOINST 8390 Computational Systems Biology
INFOINST 8310Computational Genomics3
INFOINST 8350Integrative Methods in Bioinformatics3
INFOINST 8450Precision Medicine Informatics3
PTH_AS 8090Advanced Pathology1-99
STAT 8410Statistical Theory of Bioinformatics3
P_HLTH 8420Principles of Epidemiology3