Advanced Standing - Credit by Exam - Undergraduate Students

MU offers the opportunity for advanced credit by examination to any student with fewer than 90 credits. Credit may be awarded, but no grades or honors points are recorded. General eligibility to receive advanced standing at MU does not guarantee its applicability to a degree program. A student who has received credit for any portion of a lower level course will not receive advanced standing credit for that same course. More information can be found at The programs described below are used to award credit.

Advanced Placement Program

The Advanced Placement Program of the College Board is accepted by MU. The examinations are prepared and graded by national committees, and the results are furnished to MU on request of the student. Students who receive a sufficiently high score are eligible for college credit. Students should contact their academic units if they have questions.

College Level Examination Program

The College Level Examination Program of the College Board provides general examinations and subject examinations. Credit may be awarded for CLEP subject exams only. Credit must be applicable in students’ programs of study. (Refer to the appropriate section in this catalog for the school or college, or contact the academic unit to ascertain the specific limitations for CLEP examinations.) 

You are eligible to earn CLEP credit if you have fewer than 90 hours of college credit. Credit can be applied only to a course in your program of study. In most cases, your scaled score must be higher than 50 to earn credit. Exceptions are noted below.

Credit is accepted by most individual schools and colleges but might not be considered by your specific degree program.

Visit the CLEP website to learn how to send your scores to Mizzou.

 Credit by Examination for Mathematics Courses

It is possible to receive credit in the following math courses by passing the appropriate examination:

MATH 1100College Algebra3
MATH 1140Trigonometry2
MATH 1160Precalculus Mathematics5
MATH 1360Geometric Concepts3
MATH 1500Analytic Geometry and Calculus I5
MATH 1700Calculus II5
Total Credits23

To inquire about these examinations, contact either the Testing Services, 12 Heinkel Building, (573) 882-4801, or the departmental representative on testing for advanced placement. Credit for a course by examination is not available to students who have essentially covered the material of the course in college or university courses.

Departmental Examinations

Departmental examinations are limited to students with fewer than 90 credits and with no official record of previous enrollment in the course(s) in which credit is to be received.

Departmental examinations are comparable to final examinations given in the various courses offered on campus. The examinations are objective or essay formats and are prepared and graded by the faculty of the department concerned and MU Testing Services. Arrangements for departmental examinations should be made through Testing Services. (Also see the College of Arts and Science information on departmental exams.)

International Baccalaureate

MU recognizes the International Baccalaureate Program. Students may receive credit and/or advanced standing for proficiency on the higher-level subject examinations. No credit is granted for subsidiary-level examinations.

Additional College Course Work

MU recognizes college course work completed before high school graduation if the college attended provides an official transcript of the course work.

Freshman Placement Tests

Placement in English is based on ACT score in English. Math placement is based on ALEKS Exam score or prior course credit. (See Math Placement for more details)

Subject Examinations

Subject examinations are limited to students with fewer than 90 credits. The subject examinations are generally accepted by most schools and colleges but may not be considered for credit in all degree programs.