MS in Neuroscience

Degree Requirements

The Graduate School requires a minimum of 30 credit hours for completion of the Master's degree.  The Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Program requires a certain number of these courses to be at the 8000 level or above (excluding research problems and thesis research).

Required Core Courses
BIO_SC 8440Integrative Neuroscience I3
BIO_SC 8442Integrative Neuroscience II3
BIO_SC 8050Professional Survival Skills2
Scientific Ethics (1 course, approved by thesis committee):
Possibilities include but are not limited to:
Ethical Conduct of Research
Ethical Conduct of Research
Responsible Conduct of Research
Responsible Conduct of Research thru Engagement, Enactment and Empowerment NIH and other Federal Age
Introduction to Research Ethics
Topics in Graduate School
Select one from either group
Cellular/Molecular Courses
Medical Pharmacology
Transmembrane Signaling
Mammalian Membrane Physiology
System/Behavior Courses
Sensory Physiology and Behavior
Computational Neuroscience
Neurology of Motor Systems
Functional Neuroscience
Neural Cardiorespiratory Control
Neural Cardiorespiratory Control
Statistics course: select one
Possibilities include but are not limited to:
STAT 7020Statistical Methods in the Health Sciences3
STAT 7070Statistical Methods for Research3
STAT 7410Biostatistics and Clinical Trials3
STAT 7540Experimental Design3
PSYCH 3010Research Methods in Psychology I3
Journal Club
NEUROSCI 8187Neuroscience Journal Club1
V_M_S 8021Neurology Journal Review1
PTH_AS 8500Seminar in Translational Neuroscience1-5
Thesis Research
NEUROSCI 9090Thesis Research in Neuroscience (repeatable up to 12 hours)1-6

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Admission Criteria

Fall deadline: December 15

  • Minimum TOEFL scores:
Internet-based test (iBT) Paper-based test (PBT)
100 600
  • Minimum GRE scores:
When did you take the GRE? Verbal + Quantitative Analytical
Prior to August 1, 2011 1200
On or After August 1, 2011 308
  • Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent

Neuroscience comprises a united field that integrates across many disciplines, and students from a variety of academic backgrounds are encouraged to apply to the Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Program (INP). U.S. residents and international applicants are strongly encouraged to apply.

Required Application Materials

To the Graduate School:

  • All required Graduate School documents

To the INP Program:

  • Departmental application
  • 3 letters of recommendation
  • GRE scores
  • TOEFL (if applicable)

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