Care Management

The Master’s of Science in Care Management program is an interdisciplinary degree with an overarching goal to educate health care professionals to improve health outcomes, enhance care quality, and reduce health care costs. Graduates will provide care coordination to diverse people across the life span using care management principles and approaches that include facilitating delivery of health care to individuals/family, engagement of individuals/family in care plan design, and implementation resulting in high quality, high value, cost effective care using a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach.

Qualified applicants may have a bachelor’s degree from any health care discipline. Enrollees will be required to successfully complete 35 graduate credits, which will include 240 hours of clinical practice, and a final examination to demonstrate mastery of the fundamental principles of the work included in the course of study. The sequencing of courses builds on the students’ unique perspectives and foundational knowledge of theory applications of care coordination, research principles, an understanding of basic physiology and pharmacology, and care management principles and skills. The clinical practica will allow students to apply these principles and skills in order to determine how care management practices are used within health care settings. Students will learn how to use the principles of quality improvement to evaluate the impact of care management on vulnerable populations of people, including those with multiple chronic conditions

This program supports preparation for national certification as a care manager through the American Nurses Credentialing Center, American Case Management Association, and the Commission for Case Manager Certification. 

Professor J. Armer**, M. J. Rantz**, S. Thompson**
Associate Professor K. Lane**, L. Popejoy**, A. Vogelsmeier**, D. Wipke-Tevis**
Assistant Professor J. Chase**, L. Despins**, L. Sherwin**
Teaching Professor J. Sherman**
Associate Teaching Professor N. Birtley**, R. Harris**, G. Oliver**, S. Ulbrich**
Assistant Teaching Professor  V. Bader**, S. Birk**, M. Butler**, A. Heyen**, J. Miller**, T. Rood**, J. Sabrowski**, S. Thomas**, L. Wood**
Instructor of Nursing  N. Chernookaya, H. Claunch, M. Fete, L. Frey, J. Furrer, C. Grider, B., R. McIntosh, D. Mendenhall, O. Odemuyiwa, D. Otto, S. Platt, A. Vroman, S. Yun Fowler
Adjunct Assistant Professor M. Beck**, C. Crumley**, S. Revelle*


Graduate Faculty Member - membership is required to teach graduate-level courses, chair master's thesis committees, and serve on doctoral examination and dissertation committees.


Doctoral Faculty Member - membership is required to chair doctoral examination or dissertation committees.  Graduate faculty membership is a prerequisite for Doctoral faculty membership.

While MU does not offer undergraduate degrees specifically in care management, the University does offer baccalaureate opportunities in nursing and a number of related areas, both within the School of Nursing, and in the other Schools and Colleges that make up the University. The catalog provides a complete list of these degree options.