Veterinary Technology

The online Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Technology Program at the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine is a degree completion program for licensed veterinary technicians who have completed their associate’s degree from an American Veterinary Medical Association-accredited program. This unique curriculum is the first of its kind within a college of veterinary medicine and prepares students intellectually and professionally for career advancement within the field of veterinary medicine.

100 Percent Online and Asynchronous – Flexible online classes and self-paced curriculum that work within a veterinary technician’s work schedule and busy lifestyle.

Clinically Relevant Curriculum – The BSVT coursework provides advanced education in veterinary sciences, leadership, communication, veterinary business management, anesthesia, clinical pathology, human-animal bond, animal welfare, ethics, and a variety of veterinary specialty electives.

Real-World Experience – CVM instructors and professors have real-world professional experience to help students learn up-to-date evidence-based medicine and best practices in patient care techniques.

Seamless Credit Transfer – BSVT students qualify to transfer associate-level veterinary technology credits toward their baccalaureate degree if they graduated from an AVMA-accredited veterinary technology program and successfully completed their Veterinary Technician National Exam.

Investing in Education – MU’s BSVT students are actively making the decision to invest in their advanced veterinary technology education as well as improve their ability to provide exceptional patient care and client communication.

Prestige of the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine – A degree from the MU CVM comes with a legacy of academic excellence.

Professor F. W. Booth*, D. K. Bowles**, L. L. Clarke**, G. M. Constantinescu*, J. R. Dodam, V. K. Ganjam**, E. M. Hasser*, C. M. Heesch**, S. Hyder**, H. M. Laughlin**, R. L. Terjung**, R. Tsika**
Associate Professor C. S. Reddy**, C. S. Rosenfeld**, L. J. Rubin**, W. V. Welshons*
Assistant Professor C. P. Baines**, K. Cummings**, C. Emter**, D. D. Kline**
Adjunct Professor M. B. Brown*, V. H. Huxley, S. S. Segal**
Adjunct Assistant Professor T. Boyd
Adjunct Associate Professor G. S. Johnson*, G. E. Rottinghaus*
Clinical Associate Professor I. A. Constantinescu, B. L. Frappier*
Assistant Teaching Professor D. Cross, M. C. Kuehl-Kovarik**
Research Professor S. Yang**

While MU does not offer graduate degrees specifically in veterinary technology, the University does offer post-baccalaureate opportunities in a number of related areas.  The catalog provides a complete list of these degree options.