Human Environmental Sciences

Human Environmental Sciences offers graduate level degree programs through the Graduate School. 

Millsap Professor G. Carlo**
Associate Professor  B. Balakrishnan**, S. Killoren**, L. Manfra**, C. Proulx**, R. Ravert**,  D. Rudy**, D. L. Sharpe**, R. Yao*
Associate Teaching Professor M. Goldschmidt*,
Assistant Professor F. Palermo*
Assistant Research Professor M. Herzog*
Associate Extension Professor and State Specialist B. Procter,
Assistant Extension Professor and State Specialist G. McCaulley
Assistant Extension Professor and Associate State Specialist A. Zumwalt
Professor Emeriti  L. Ganong**, J. Ispa**, B. Schwarz**, R. B Tofle**

While MU does not offer undergraduate degrees specifically in human environmental sciences, the University does offer bachelors degrees in the closely related areas.  The catalog provides a complete list of these degree options.