Graduate Certificate in Serious Game and Simulation Design

The Serious Games and Simulation Design (SGSD) graduate level certificate is a 16 credit-hour program that prepares students as practicing professionals to work in the fast growing educational (aka “serious”) games and simulation market. In this 100% online, hands-on certificate program, graduates will learn to:

  • Apply a systematic, agile, team-based and flexible process for game and simulation design.
  • Apply skills for prototyping game and/or simulation designs using appropriate software or game engines.
  • Apply principles of visual design to the design of game and simulation assets.
  • Become fluent in usage of serious gaming and simulation technology equipment.
  • Assess and evaluate learning outcomes from employing game/simulation strategies using user experience and usability methods.


The graduate certificate is a 16 credit hour program. All courses are online. 

Required Courses:
IS_LT 7308Game Engine Skills2
IS_LT 7310Seminar in Information Science and Learning Technology (Seminar in Digital Modeling for Serious Games)3
IS_LT 7384Designing Games for Learning3
IS_LT 9480Internship in Information Science and Learning Technologies2
IS_LT 9486Advanced Designing Games for Learning3
One of the following electives:
IS_LT 7383Rapid Development Tools for Online Learning3
IS_LT 7888Intro to VR-enabled Instructional Design3
IS_LT 9467Technology to Enhance Learning3


For more information about the serious game and simulation design certificate, visit our website at or email program coordinator Dr. Rose Marra at