MA in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis

Degree Requirements

Master’s degree candidates can complete the required 33 hours by selecting courses with their advisers that will most fully meet the students needs. At least 16 hours in professional education must be taken at the 8000 or 9000 level.

A maximum of 6 semester hours of graduate-level graded course work completed at another accredited college or university may be transferred with approval of the adviser, the department director of graduate studies and the Graduate School. Up to 12 hours earned as a post-baccalaureate graduate student at MU may be applied to the degree pending admission to the program and approval of higher education faculty.

Students pursuing a master of arts (MA) degree are required to take 12 hours (of the 33) dedicated to research design,  methods, and thesis writing. If the thesis is not successfully completed in 33 hours, additional research hours may be required. Because of the time involved in completing a thesis, the program may take longer than 2 years for full-time students.

The MA in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis has emphasis areas in Higher Education.  Please see the individual emphasis area page for degree requirements and admissions information. 

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