Student Employment (L)

In December 1998 the American Bar Association Section of Legal Education Accreditation Committee requested the Law School establish a faculty approved policy on student employment in accordance with Standard 304(c) of the ABA Standards for the Accreditation of Law Schools. At its meeting on February 16, 1999, the Faculty of Law adopted the following policy which mirrors the ABA requirement:

"The Law School shall not award full-time residence credit to a student who does not devote substantially all of the student's working hours to the study of law or engages in employment for more than 20 hours per week, whether outside or inside the Law School."

Further, the faculty acknowledged ABA Interpretation 304-7 which requires that:

"a law school shall demonstrate that it has adopted and enforces policies ensuring that individuals enrolled as full-time students devote substantially all working hours to the study of law including the implementation of policies relating to...limitation on employment..."

This memo serves as notice to the entire Law School community of the policy, with the expectation that it will be followed. The enforcement of this policy will be undertaken as follows:

For all law students who are employed by the School of Law in any capacity, including research assistant or other part-time student employment, the School of Law cannot process for payment time sheets which indicate more than 20 hours per week of work. Law School faculty and staff are not authorized to permit or require law student employees to work more than 20 hours per week.

The 20-hour rule does not apply to the period of time between semesters, or the summer (unless the student is enrolled full-time in law school,) or spring and fall breaks.