BS in Plant Sciences with Emphasis in Horticultural Science and Design

Degree Program Description

From the food on our plates to the homes we live in to the fuel in our vehicles, plants impact all aspects of our daily lives. As an ever-growing human population continues to increase the demand for crops and other plant products, so too does the demand for plant scientists. Plant Sciences addresses the challenges from the field to the laboratory. Students enroll in a generalized core curriculum, then further refine their expertise in  the Horticultural Science and Design emphasis area. The beauty of attractive indoor plant displays or ornamental species in landscapes adds value and satisfaction.  Appreciating the plants around us and designing new ways to present them can lead to careers in nursery management, landscape designer, zoo groundskeeper, or botanic gardener.  Students in this area learn the basics in the classroom and advance their skills working locally (greenhouses, landscape firms) or abroad (Epcot Center, MO Botanical Gardens).  Horticulturists use their knowledge of plant growth to sustainably produce flowers, vegetables and ornamental plants to enhance the environment. Careers include botanical gardens, commercial greenhouses and nurseries, landscape design firms, or life science companies.  

Major Program Requirements

Students are required to completed the BS in Plant Sciences major program requirements in addition to the emphasis area requirements.

Emphasis Area Requirements

Trees, flowers and other ornamental plants add beauty to our landscape, preserve green space, and reduce the negative impacts of climate change. Other plants such as vegetables and fruits enhance human health. Career opportunities exist to design landscapes, improve the value and beauty of homes and businesses, as well as commercially grow horticultural crops in greenhouses and other settings.

Horticultural Science & Design Emphasis Area Requirements
ABM 2223Agricultural Sales3
CHEM 1100Atoms and Molecules with Lab3
PLNT_SCI 2075Environmental Horticulture3
PLNT_SCI 2210Ornamental Landscape Plants I3
PLNT_SCI 2215Ornamental Landscape Plants II3
PLNT_SCI 3250Green Industry Bidding2
PLNT_SCI 3355Introductory Turfgrass Management3
Select five:
AG_S_TCH 2340Pesticide Application Equipment3
PLNT_SCI 2220Introduction to Floral Design2
PLNT_SCI 2221Everyday Floral Design3
PLNT_SCI 2250Landscape Site Analysis2
PLNT_SCI 2254Landscape Design3
PLNT_SCI 3110Horticultural Drainage and Irrigation Systems2
AN_SCI 3213Genetics of Agricultural Plants and Animals3
PLNT_SCI 3220Special Occasion Floral Design3
PLNT_SCI 3221Wedding Floral Design3
PLNT_SCI 3222Retail Floral Management3
or PLNT_SCI 3222W Retail Floral Management - Writing Intensive
PLNT_SCI 3252Arboriculture and Pruning1
PLNT_SCI 3254Digital Landscape Graphics3
PLNT_SCI 3260Greenhouse Management4
PLNT_SCI 4313Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition3
PLNT_SCI 4345Principles of Viticulture and Winemaking3
PLNT_SCI 4355Advanced Turfgrass Management3
PLNT_SCI 4365Greenhouse Crops Production4
PLNT_SCI 4975Advanced Landscape Design4

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Semester Plan

Below is a sample plan of study, semester by semester.  A student's actual plan may vary based on course choices where options are available.

First Year
BIO_SC 12005CHEM 11003
PLNT_SCI 11201AGSC_COM 22203
MATH 11003ENGLSH 10003
HIST 1100 or 12003ABM 1041 or 10423
PLNT_SCI 20753Humanities3
 15 15
Second Year
PLNT_SCI 22103ABM 22233
PLNT_SCI 32104PLNT_SCI 21253
PLNT_SCI 32543PLNT_SCI 22502
Social Science Course3Humanities Course3
 16 14
Third Year
PLNT_SCI 22153PLNT_SCI 32521
PLNT_SCI 3230W3SOIL 21003
PLNT_SCI 33553SOIL 21062
Communications Elective 3Writing Intensive Elective3
Elective 3Elective6
 15 15
Fourth Year
PLNT_SCI 22543PLNT_SCI 31102
PLNT_SCI 45004PLNT_SCI 32502
Elective3PLNT_SCI 37103
Elective3PLNT_SCI 49754
Elective 3Elective3
 16 14
Total Credits: 120

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Degree Audit

The degree audit is an automated report reflecting a student’s academic progress toward the completion of a degree.  Degree Audits are not available for all programs; however, please consult with the appropriate college or school for audit information.

MU students can request a degree audit by logging in to myDegreePlanner.  Students may also access myDegreePlanner via myZou, in the Student Center, by clicking on the Request Degree Audit link. The audit automatically pulls in the student’s MU course work, transfer courses and courses in progress.  This is available to current students, admitted students, and those who last attended less than three terms ago.

Past MU students can request a degree audit by contacting the Academic Advising Unit of the division in which they were last enrolled at MU. For contact information, go to

Prospective students, can access a preliminary MU degree audit via Information on the college credits already earned will have to be manually entered before it can be evaluated against current degree requirements.

For additional details on degree audits, go to

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Major and Career Exploration

The University of Missouri has many resources to assist you in exploring majors and career possibilities.  For guidance, visit the Majors and Careers website or view specific resources below.

  • If you are considering a change of major or are exploring multiple majors, schedule an appointment with an advisor in the Discovery Center by calling (573)884-9700 or through MU Connect Discovery Center service in you success network.

  • If you have decided on a major, visit an academic advisor in the School or College that you are interested in to discuss the process of declaring the major

  • If you would like to learn more about your career interests, abilities, values and talents, visit the MU Career Center.  No Appointment is necessary to explore career options with one of our staff members.

For additional major and career exploration resources, visit Major & Career Exploration in the catalog.

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