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MA in Statistics with Emphasis in Data Analytics


Three semesters of calculus (or equivalent), one semester of linear algebra, and at least one post-calculus course in probability and statistics. At least one course in applied linear models is recommended.

Degree Requirements

At least 30 hours of course work in the Department of Statistics; of these, at least 15 hours must be numbered 8000 or above.

Required Courses
STAT 7110Statistical Software and Data Analysis3
STAT 8310Data Analysis I3
STAT 8320Data Analysis II3
STAT 8330Data Analysis III3
STAT 8640Bayesian Analysis I3
STAT 8710Intermediate Mathematical Statistics I3
STAT 8720Intermediate Mathematical Statistics II3
Elective Courses
STAT 7580Introduction to Statistical Methods for Customized Pricing3
STAT 7830Categorical Data Analysis3
STAT 7870Time Series Analysis3
STAT 9250Statistical Computation and Simulation3
STAT 9530Data Mining and Machine Learning Methods3

Original Written Work

All candidates must submit a written report on an independent effort toward producing original work related to data analytics. This report may, with the advisor’s consent, take the form of a thesis, a written review on a set of papers in statistics, or a written report on an independent study project, which may include an original application of statistics. For this work, a student must register for at least three semester hours of STAT 8090.

Presenting the Work

All candidates are required to present an open seminar on the results of the written report. The report should be made available for public review, through the Department of Statistics office, for at least one week before the examination.


The MA examination covers material presented in the written report and the seminar and may also cover course work.