Minor in Accountancy

The Minor in Accountancy is open to non-Business students only.  Accounting is often times referred to as the language of business.  Non-business students with an accounting minor will bring an accounting mindset to their future careers.  As they look to begin their careers in their chosen profession with hopes to become a manager or owner, the foundational knowledge of accounting will serve them well in making decisions regarding the operating, investing, and financing activities of their company.  Additionally, basic understanding of profit and balance sheets, coming from the core accounting coursework, make a student more knowledgeable in general about world events and corporate operations.


Minor Requirements: 15 completed hours with a 2.0 GPA. 

Required Courses12
ACCTCY 2036Accounting I3
ACCTCY 2037Accounting II3
ACCTCY 2258Computer-Based Data Systems3
ACCTCY 4356Financial Accounting Concepts3
Electives (choose one)3
ACCTCY 3328Accounting Information Systems3
ACCTCY 3347Cost and Managerial Accounting3
ACCTCY 4353Introduction to Taxation3

Contact the School of Accountancy, office 303 Cornell Hall, to complete a minor application form.