Arabic (ARABIC)

ARABIC 1100: Elementary Arabic I

For beginners with no prior knowledge of Arabic. An elementary level course designed to facilitate student's acquisition of basic proficiency in communication within culturally significant contexts. Students learn Modern Standard Arabic language skills in an environment integrating interactive video and classroom instruction.

Credit Hours: 6

ARABIC 1200: Elementary Arabic II

This course builds upon the foundation established in ARABIC 1100. Greater emphasis is placed on oral and written expression. Cultural issues are explored in an environment integrating interactive video and classroom instruction.

Credit Hours: 6
Prerequisites: C- or higher in ARABIC 1100, or instructor's permission

ARABIC 2005: Undergraduate Topics in Arabic - Humanities

Organized study of selected topics. Subjects and credits may vary from semester to semester. May be repeated with departmental consent.

Credit Hour: 1-3
Prerequisites: sophomore standing or instructor's consent

ARABIC 2130: Intermediate Arabic

Builds on students' knowledge of Elementary Arabic by investing in four language skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Course is culturally oriented and considers various social, political, and religious forces to play in Arab world. Offers a unique blend of modern standards and colloquial Arabic. Enables students to develop listening comprehension, initiate and sustain conversations on daily-life topics, read texts on familiar topics, and write informal essays on topics, and write informal essays on topics connected to daily life.

Credit Hours: 3
Prerequisites: ARABIC 1200 or equivalent

ARABIC 2260: Intermediate Arabic II

This course enables students at the intermediate proficiency level to further strengthen the four language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing in Modern Standard Arabic and to understand key aspects of the Arab world and the Arab culture. Graded on A-F basis only.

Credit Hours: 3
Prerequisites: ARABIC 2130 or equivalent