Ophthalmology (OPHTH)

OPHTH 6321: ABS Age-Related Mechanism of Degeneration

ABS Age-Related Mechanism of Degeneration

Credit Hour: 5-10

OPHTH 6323: ABS Ophthalmology Research

ABS Ophthalmology Research

Credit Hour: 5-10

OPHTH 6325: ABS Ophthalmology Research and Review

ABS Ophthalmology Research and Review

Credit Hours: 5

OPHTH 6585: Ophthalmology


Credit Hours: 5

OPHTH 6936: Introduction to Ophthalmology

Welcome to the Ophthalmology Elective. This curriculum is designed to introduce you to the specialty of ophthalmology, which involves the recognition, diagnosis, and management of diseases of the eye. Students will work in the outpatient setting seeing patients at the University Eye Institute. Students will participate in didactic sessions each week. During this 2 week elective, students will become familiar with the screening eye examination, learn to perform a more comprehensive ocular examination, learn about common ocular abnormalities and treatments, and become familiar with the common ophthalmic instruments.

Credit Hours: 2
Prerequisites: successful completion of the first two years of medical school