DNP in Nursing with Emphasis in Nurse Leadership and Innovations in Health Care

Students who pursue the Nursing Leadership and Innovations in Health Care emphasis area will be prepared to take on roles as advanced nursing leaders, impact systems by providing quality outcomes and the ability to lead change within the clinical, political or academic environments.

The Nursing Leadership and Innovations in Health Care emphasis area will prepare the learner to discover innovative technologies and techniques to improve the delivery of care as well as use innovative concepts and pursue entrepreneurial endeavors to enhance health care.  For more information on Area of Study Information please see the Nurse Leadership and Innovations in Health Care page.

Degree Requirements

Individuals with a master's degree in nursing or related field may apply to this program.  Students must complete a total of minimum of 38.5-47 credit hours to earn the degree.  Credit hours vary depending upon review of transcripts and previously completed clinical hours.

NURSE 7010Biostatistical Foundations for Health Researchers3
NURSE 7087Leadership and Technology Institute1
NURSE 8100Principles of Epidemiology3
NURSE 8830Informatics Applications and Innovations in Health Care Systems3
NURSE 8840Nursing Leadership, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship3
NURSE 8910Translational Evidence-Based Nursing Practice3
NURSE 9080DNP Residency Project (x 3)1-3
NURSE 8820Health Care Financial Management4
NURSE 8920Quality, Safety, and Performance Outcomes3
NURSE 8860Organizations & Human Resource Management in Nursing3
NURSE 8930Health Program Design and Management3
NURSE 9070DNP Clinical Residency (x 3)1-5
NURSE 8940Nursing and Health Policy3
NURSE 9087Leadership and Transformational Role Institute2

Sample Plan of Study

First Year
NURSE 81003NURSE 89103NURSE 70103
NURSE 88303NURSE 88403NURSE 70871
 6 6 4
Second Year
NURSE 88204NURSE 89303NURSE 90801-3
NURSE 8920 (60 clinical hours)3NURSE 88603 
 7 6 1-3
Third Year
NURSE 89403NURSE 9070 (150-300 clinical hours)2.5-5NURSE 90701-5
NURSE 9070 (120-300 clinical hours)2-5NURSE 9080 (section 3, 60 clinical hours)1NURSE 90801-3
 NURSE 9087 (one-week, on -campus seminar)2 
 5-8 5.5-8 2-8
Total Credits: 42.5-56

 ** 510-1020 clinical hours

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Applicants are required to meet two sets of minimum qualifications for admission: the requirements of the DNP in Nursing and the minimum requirements of the Graduate School.  Because requirements vary, you must refer to a degree program's graduate admission page to learn about specific admission criteria, application deadlines, eligibility and application process.  Your application materials will be reviewed by both the Graduate School and the degree program to which you’ve applied before official admission to the University of Missouri.

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