MS in Nursing with Emphasis in Nurse Educator

The Nurse Educator MS(N) Program curriculum prepares nurses to:

  • Implement emerging teaching strategies
  • Create innovative curriculum
  • Integrate evidence-based practice
  • Gain basic advanced practice nursing skills

For more information about the emphasis in Nursing Education please visit our website.

Degree Requirements

All students pursing the MS(N) degree must complete a minimum of 33 to 41 credit hours of graduate coursework. Credit hours vary depending upon the student’s area of study. Previous graduate level coursework from another institution may be accepted toward the degree depending upon transcript review. Students must maintain a minimum cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0 in order to graduate. The MS(N) Educator curriculum provides core master’s coursework in combination with leadership specialty courses. Educator specialty courses focus on advanced knowledge in teaching strategies and curriculum development as well as advanced knowledge in pathophysiology, pharmacology, and advanced health assessment.

Core MS(N) Courses
NURSE 7110Advanced Nursing Roles and Professional Communication3
NURSE 7100Theoretical Basis for Advanced Nursing3
NURSE 7150Research Basis for Advanced Nursing3
NURSE 8910Translational Evidence-Based Nursing Practice3
NURSE 8940Nursing and Health Policy3
NURSE 8300Public Health and Sociocultural Issues3
Speciality MS(N) Nurse Educator
NURSE 7120Advanced Physiology and Pathophysiology3
NURSE 7140Advanced Health Assessment and Promotion3.5
NURSE 7130Advanced Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapeutics3
NURSE 8854Teaching Strategies in Nursing and Healthcare3
NURSE 8864Curriculum Development in Nursing3
NURSE 8710Clinical Management of Acute and Critical Care Problems3.5-5
NURSE 8950Teaching Nursing Practicum4

Sample Plan of Study

The following sample plan of study is for the two-year program.  For more sample plans of study, please visit our website.

First Year
NURSE 71003NURSE 88543NURSE 71103
NURSE 71203NURSE 71403.5Graduate Statistics required before admission (entering Summer Year 1) 
NURSE 83003NURSE 71503 
 9 9.5 3
Second Year
NURSE 87103.5NURSE 71303NURSE 89103
NURSE 88643NURSE 89504 
NURSE 89403NURSE 89901 
 9.5 8 3
Total Credits: 42

   Total Clinical Hours: 420 

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Thesis/Non-Thesis Requirements

Each candidate must pass a final examination to demonstrate mastery of the fundamental principles of the work included in the course of study offered for the degree.  This requirement may be fulfilled by completion of NURSE 8990 Practice Inquiry. In this course, students will demonstrate a culmination of knowledge and skills learned throughout the MS program. Students must successfully complete a critical review of the literature in an integrative review format on a healthcare topic of their choice related to their area of study.


Applicants are required to meet two sets of minimum qualifications for admission: the requirements of the MS in Nursing program and the minimum requirements of the Graduate School.  Because requirements vary, you must refer to a degree program's graduate admission page to learn about specific admission criteria, application deadlines, eligibility and application process.  Your application materials will be reviewed by both the Graduate School and the degree program to which you’ve applied before official admission to the University of Missouri.

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