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Minor in Medieval and Renaissance Studies

If you are interested in learning more about dead languages, medieval literature, and the Middle Ages or the Renaissance, then explore the possibility of a MARS undergraduate minor. Student coursework is built on medieval and Renaissance topics. They will receive outstanding instruction from faculty in up to eleven different academic departments. For students interested in medieval and Renaissance history, art, literatures, religion, music, languages, and culture, the MARS minor offers the possibility of furthering interests while studying more broadly towards your major. Meet others interested in the same things as you, incorporate classwork you’ve already done, and learn new things about the Middle Ages and Renaissance, all while showing prospective employers or graduate schools the depth of your study.


  • A minimum of fifteen (15) hours of approved coursework (see list below) in two different departments outside the student’s major department.
  • At least nine (9) hours of the fifteen must be in courses numbered 2000 or above.
  • At least three (3) hours of the fifteen must be taken in a course numbered 3000 or above.
  • A minimum of nine (9) hours must be taken in residence.
  • A minimum GPA of 2.0 is required in all courses in the minor.
  • Only one course from Ancient Mediterranean Studies may count towards the minor.
  • Students may specialize in either medieval or Renaissance, but must take at least one course in both.
  • Students and their advisors may petition the Chair of MARS (Dr. Johanna Kramer, English) to have coursework with relevant content counted. Many upper-level courses in European languages and literature may be used to fulfill the minor requirements.

A minor consists of at least 15 credits, including at least 6 credits numbered 2000 or above, 9 of the required credits must be taken in MU course work. This requirement can be reduced from 9 to 6 at the discretion of an individual department. Students must meet the minimum GPA requirements for a minor, which in no case can be lower than 2.0. In addition, a student cannot receive a grade lower than a C- in any course applied towards a minor in the College. For more information, please see Requirements for Optional Minor.

Generally Approved Courses
ARH_VS 1110Ancient and Medieval Art3
HIST 1500Origins of European History3
HIST 1540England Before the Glorious Revolution3
HIST 1570Survey of Early Modern Europe, 1350-16503
Lower Level Courses
REL_ST 2700Islam3
Upper Level Courses
AMS 3520Early Medieval Art and Archaeology3
AMS 4510Byzantine Art and Archaeology3
AMS 4520Art and Archaeology of Early Medieval Europe3
ARH_VS 3530Medieval Art3
ARH_VS 3620Italian Renaissance Art3
ARH_VS 4540Gothic Art and Architecture3
ARH_VS 4630The Renaissance Artist3
ARH_VS 4640Renaissance and Baroque Architecture3
ARH_VS 4660Art and Ideas in the Northern Renaissance3
ENGLSH 3200Survey of British Literature: Beginnings to 17843
ENGLSH 4106Genres, Beginning to 17003
ENGLSH 4166Major Authors, Beginning to 17003
ENGLSH 4186Major Women Writers, Beginning to 17003
ENGLSH 4200Introduction to Old English3
ENGLSH 4210Medieval Literature3
ENGLSH 4220Renaissance and Seventeenth Century Literature3
FRENCH 3420Introduction to French Culture3
FRENCH 4410French Medieval Literature3
FRENCH 4420French Renaissance3
HIST 3550Science and Medicine in Ancient and Medieval Europe3
HIST 3560The Scientific Revolution3
HIST 3590The Early Middle Ages3
HIST 3600The Later Middle Ages3
HIST 3640Reformations and Religious Conflicts in Early Modern Europe3
HIST 4550Age of the Vikings3
HIST 4630The Age of the Renaissance3
LATIN 4590Medieval Latin3
Classical Foundations
AMS 1060Classical Mythology3
AMS 2100The Ancient Greeks3
AMS 2200The Ancient Romans3
AMS 2300Ancient Authors: The Greeks3
AMS 2400Ancient Authors: The Romans3
AMS 3000Foreigners and Dangerous Women in Greek and Latin Literature3
AMS 3100The Age of Pericles3
AMS 3250Greek and Roman Epic3
AMS 3300Greek Drama3
AMS 3310Greek Art and Archaeology3
AMS 3350Advanced Mythology3
AMS 3400Murder and Mayhem: Images of Justice in Classical Antiquity3
AMS 3410Roman Art and Archaeology3
AMS 3510Byzantine and Islamic Art and Archaeology3
AMS 3600The Ancient Novel3
AMS 3650Paganism and Christianity3
AMS 3700Women in the Ancient World3
AMS 3750Classics in a Cross-Cultural Context3
AMS 4340Greek Cities and Sanctuaries3
AMS 4350Greek Pottery3
AMS 4360Greek Sculpture3
AMS 4400Ancient Pastoral3
AMS 4420Minor Arts of Antiquity3
AMS 4440Roman Architecture3
AMS 4460Roman Sculpture3
AMS 4490Late Antique Art and Archaeology3
AMS 4500Greek and Roman Religion3
AMS 4600The Classical Tradition3
AMS 4650The World of Late Antiquity3
ANTHRO 4700Old World Prehistory3
HIST 1520The Ancient World3
HIST 3510The Ancient Greek World3
HIST 3520The Roman World3
HIST 3530The Hellenistic World: From Alexander to Rome3
HIST 3550Science and Medicine in Ancient and Medieval Europe3
HIST 4500Philip II and Alexander the Great of Macadonia3
HIST 4510Crime and Punishment: Law in Classical Athens3
HIST 4520The Rise and Fall of the Roman Republic3
HIST 4530The Roman Empire3
HIST 4540The Later Roman Empire3
LATIN 4300Latin Poetry3
LATIN 4350Latin Prose3
LATIN 4520Age of Cicero3
LATIN 4530Vergil3
LATIN 4540Augustan Literature3
LATIN 4580The Theodosian Age3
PHIL 3000Ancient Western Philosophy3
REL_ST 3200Hinduism3
REL_ST 3240Buddhism of South and Southeast Asia3
REL_ST 4500Greek and Roman Religion3

Additional Information

Departments keep a list of courses approved for the MARS minor on file for advisors. For a full description of the minor, including a list of all courses currently counted toward the minor, go to Medieval and Renaissance Studies.

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