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BA in Theatre

Degree Program Description

The study of Theatre focuses upon the produced play, past, present, and future. The BA in Theatre offers students an appreciation of theatre as a fine art, sharpens the talents of those who seek careers in theatre and provides students with methods of stimulating and using their imagination and intensifying their communication skills. Students must choose from one of three emphasis areas: Design/Technical, Performance, and Writing for Performance. The curriculum includes: examining the heritage of theatre through dramatic literature and theatre history, exercises in theatrical skills, artistic training in design and performance, and theory and criticism of theatre. The Rhynsburger Theatre, the Corner Playhouse, and outreach programs serve as laboratories for ongoing examination of theatre in society, responsive to social issues. Working with faculty and staff of professionally trained actors, directors, and designers, students focus on performance, writing for performance, and theatre design and technology. MU undergraduate theatre students have taken their work to the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival, winning awards in acting, playwriting, design, and dramaturgy. After graduation, many of our students find work in film, television, and the professional theatre as actors, directors, designers, stage managers, artists, and technicians, or go on to graduate school to further their theatre education.

Major Program Requirements

The major in Theatre consists of core courses. In addition to University, general education, and College of Arts and Science requirements, students must also meet the following major program requirements. All major requirements in the College of Arts and Science must be completed with grades of C- or higher unless otherwise indicated. All courses used to satisfy requirements for the major must be completed with a grade of C or higher.

Emphasis Areas

Theatre students must also complete an emphasis area in Performance, Design/Technical or Writing for Performance.

Major core requirements18
THEATR 1320Beginning Scenic Construction3
or THEATR 1340 Beginning Costume Construction
THEATR 1720African-American Theatre History3
or THEATR 2710 Introduction to Theatre History
THEATR 2300Production Workshop I1
THEATR 2800WPrinciples of Script Analysis - Writing Intensive3
THEATR 3300Production Workshop II1
THEATR 4990Capstone in Theatre1
Choose two courses from the following:
THEATR 2200Introduction to Performance Studies3
THEATR 2330Stage Management3
THEATR 2510Introduction to Theatre Design3
THEATR 2920Beginning Playwriting3
THEATR 3420Acting I3
THEATR 3430Acting II3
THEATR 4220Acting III3
Choose one of the following (cannot repeat from required courses):
THEATR 2200Introduction to Performance Studies3
THEATR 2220Immersive Theatre3
THEATR 3200Performance of Literature3
THEATR 3440Acting for the Camera3
THEATR 3450Acting for Animation and Motion Capture3
THEATR 3460Voiceover 3
THEATR 3600Theatrical Directing3
THEATR 4240Theory and Practice of Theatre of the Oppressed3
THEATR 4280Digital Media and Performance3
THEATR 4460Musical Theatre Performance3
THEATR 4600Advanced Directing3
THEATR 4720American Musicals3
*See list of Topics/Research OR Performance Courses (with Departmental Approval) (3 credits)
THEATR 2360Stagecraft3
or THEATR 3310 Costume Crafts
Choose nine credits from the following (cannot repeat from required courses):
THEATR 1360Stage Makeup1
THEATR 2330Stage Management3
THEATR 2510Introduction to Theatre Design3
THEATR 3320Theatrical Patternmaking3
THEATR 3330Advanced Costume Construction3
THEATR 3340Scene Painting2
THEATR 3540Advanced Stage Makeup2
THEATR 3550Sound Design3
THEATR 3560Scene Design3
THEATR 4530Stage Lighting Design3
THEATR 4570Theatrical Costume Design3
*See list of Topics/Research OR Production Courses (with Departmental Approval) (3 credits)
Writing for Performance
THEATR 2920Beginning Playwriting (Select the course not taken as core requirement)3
or THEATR 2200 Introduction to Performance Studies
THEATR 3200Performance of Literature3
THEATR 3920Intermediate Playwriting3
Choose one of the following (cannot repeat from required courses):
THEATR 2200Introduction to Performance Studies3
THEATR 3700WWorld Dramatic Literature - Writing Intensive3
or THEATR 3700 World Dramatic Literature
THEATR 3930Screenwriting for Television and Film3
THEATR 4240Theory and Practice of Theatre of the Oppressed3
THEATR 4650Introduction to Dramaturgy3
THEATR 4920WAdvanced Playwriting: Problems - Writing Intensive3
or THEATR 4920 Advanced Playwriting: Problems
THEATR 4930Adaptation of Literature for the Stage3
THEATR 4935Adaptation of Literature for Film3
THEATR 4938WAdvanced Screenwriting: Styles - Writing Intensive3
or THEATR 4938 Advanced Screenwriting: Styles
*See list of Topics/Research (with Departmental Approval) (3 credits)
Topics/Research Courses (can be used for emphasis area courses upon Departmental Approval)
THEATR 1005Topics in Theatre - Humanities/Fine Arts1-99
THEATR 2005Topics in Theatre - Humanities1-3
THEATR 3005Topics in Theatre - Humanities1-99
THEATR 3005HTopics in Theatre - Honors - Humanities1-99
THEATR 4005Topics in Theatre - Humanities1-99
THEATR 4700Studies in Theatre History3
THEATR 4800Studies in Dramatic Theory3
THEATR 4820Studies in Dramatic Literature3
or THEATR 4820W Studies in Dramatic Literature - Writing Intensive
THEATR 4830Studies in Dramatic Criticism3
THEATR 4960Directed Readings in Theatre1-3
Performance/Production (can be used for emphasis area courses upon Departmental Approval)
THEATR 1250World Theatre Workshop2
THEATR 2410Performance Workshop1
THEATR 3100Summer Repertory Theatre1-99
THEATR 4940Theatre Entrepreneurship Practicum2

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Semester Plan

Refer to the semester plan for the Performance, Design/Technical, and/or Writing for Performance. Otherwise contact the academic departments for assistance with academic planning.

Degree Audit

The degree audit is an automated report reflecting a student’s academic progress toward the completion of a degree. 

MU students can request a degree audit by logging in to myDegreePlanner. Students may also access myDegreePlanner via myZou, in the Student Center, click on the Academic Progress Tile, then select Request Degree Audit. The audit automatically pulls in the student’s MU course work, transfer courses and courses in progress. This is available to current students, admitted students, and those who last attended less than three terms ago.

Past MU students can request a degree audit by contacting the Academic Advising Unit of the division in which they were last enrolled at MU. For contact information, go to https://advising.missouri.edu/contact/.

Prospective students, can access a preliminary MU degree audit via https://www.transferology.com. Information on the college credits already earned will have to be manually entered before it can be evaluated against current degree requirements.

For additional details on degree audits, go to https://registrar.missouri.edu/degrees-audits/degree-audits/.

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Major and Career Exploration

The University of Missouri has many resources to assist you in exploring majors and career possibilities. For guidance, visit the Majors and Careers website or view specific resources below.

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For additional major and career exploration resources, visit Major & Career Exploration in the catalog.

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