Student Files - Veterinary Medicine

The following policy relates to compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Amendment to the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1974:

(1) Each student requesting permission to examine his/her file will be referred to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs or his or her designate.

(2) Each student must provide proof of:

a. Current student status at the University of Missouri (or, if during an academic recess, attendance during the past academic session).

b. Identity. They must provide some identification which allows visual comparison of person’s appearance with a photograph on an item such as a driver’s license or student identification card.

(3) If the above conditions are met and permission is granted, a student will be allowed to examine their entire student record. This must be affected only in an office occupied by one of the assistants in the Dean’s Office.

(4) Copies of any item in the student’s folder except for transcripts or letters of recommendation and/or evaluation will be provided at cost. In such cases the sum of 25 cents per page must be collected before any copies are provided.

(5) A student must not, under any circumstances, be left alone with the folder.

(6) A record will be placed in the student’s folder stating the date and time that such examination occurred. It should be initialed and dated by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs or his or her designate. (CVM Executive Committee, 1986)