Genetics (GENETICS)

GENETICS 8187: Seminar in Genetics

Genetics Seminar provides students registered in the interdisciplinary Genetics Area Program a required seminar course that explores topics in genetics and the development of presentation skills. The course meets weekly for one-hour and develops critical analysis of genetic and genomic techniques through a combination of student and faculty led journal reviews, student presentations, and invited and faculty lectures. On an annual rotating basis students cover several topics during their graduate career practicing oral scientific presentation skills for a variety of situations including short (10 minute) presentations, hour long seminars, and lay public presentations for non-scientific audiences on their current laboratory research.  Students also choose articles from the genetics literature to review, critically analyze, and present as discuss as a group. Graded on S/U basis only.

Credit Hour: 1

GENETICS 9090: Research in Genetics

Research leading to Ph.D. Graded on S/U basis only.

Credit Hour: 1-99
Recommended: Must be a currently enrolled student in the Genetics Area Program