Social Work Power, Privilege & Oppression

The course list below will satisfy the requirement of the Bachelor of Social Work Power, Privilege & Oppression (PPO) coursework.

ANTHRO 1300Multiculturalism: An Introduction3
ANTHRO 1350Deviance: A Cross-Cultural Perspective3
ANTHRO 2030Cultural Anthropology3
Any BL_STU course
ENGLSH 2400Introduction to African Diaspora Literature3
ENGLSH 3080Sexuality and Gender Theory3
ENGLSH 4400Studies in African Diaspora Literature3
ENGLSH 4420Africana Womanism3
ENGLSH 4480Major African Diaspora Women Writers3
ENGLSH 4770Oral Tradition3
ENGLSH 4840Culture and Media3
ESC_PS 2000Experiencing Cultural Diversity in the United States3
H_D_FS 2300Multicultural Study of Children and Families3
H_D_FS 4300Black Children, Youth, and Families3
HIST 1410African American History3
HIST 1800History of Modern Africa3
HIST 1830Survey of East Asian History3
HIST 2400Social History of U.S. Women3
HIST 3200Black Freedom Movement, 1955-19733
PEA_ST 1050Introduction to Peace Studies3
PSYCH 3815Cross-Cultural Psychology3
PSYCH 3825Psychology at the Movies3
REL_ST 1100Introduction to Religion3
REL_ST 1500Religion and Culture3
REL_ST 2100Indigenous Religions3
REL_ST 2110Global Religions3
REL_ST 2230Religion and Popular Culture in the U.S.3
REL_ST 2630History of Christian Traditions3
REL_ST 2700Islam3
REL_ST 2939Religion and Human Sexuality3
REL_ST 3100Religious Literacy for the Public and Professions3
REL_ST 3200Hinduism3
REL_ST 3210History of Religion in Post-Civil War America3
REL_ST 3220Tibetan Buddhism3
REL_ST 3230Buddhism and Environmental Ethics3
REL_ST 3250Buddhism in East Asia3
REL_ST 3270Yoga and Meditation in the Modern World4
REL_ST 3380Native American Religions3
REL_ST 3455Robots and Religion: Reflection on Self, Soul, and Humanity3
REL_ST 3740Religion and Film3
REL_ST 3760Geography of the World's Religions3
REL_ST 4750Women, Religion and Culture3
SLHS 1100American Sign Language I5
SLHS 1200American Sign Language II5
SOC_WK 4360Working with Minority Youth3
SOCIOL 1360The Female Experience: Body, Identity, Culture3
SOCIOL 2150Amish Communities3
SOCIOL 2200Social Inequalities3
SOCIOL 2210The Black Americans3
SOCIOL 2310Culture and Mass Media3
SOCIOL 3320Sociology of Gender3
SOCIOL 3450The Sociology of Religion3
SOCIOL 4220Race and Ethnic Relations3
Any WGST course