Certificate in Personal Branding

Begin Admitting Fall 2022.

The Certificate in Personal Branding helps students to gain an overview of various personal branding strategies, including financial planning, entrepreneurship, digital technologies, marketing/sales, and communication laws or public relations. Students who want to pursue self-employment opportunities using own personal brands, such as student athletes, musicians, artists, social media influencers, bloggers, dancers, authors, or any other freelancers would want to seek this degree. This is an interdisciplinary, 18-credit-hour degree is offered to both resident and distance students. Students may take courses from personal financial planning, management, textile and apparel management, journalism, graphic design, and/or agricultural business management areas. The courses are offered 100% online asynchronously so students will have flexible learning experiences.


FINPLN 1000iGen Money3
FINPLN 2183Personal and Family Finance3
MANGMT 2700Introduction to Entrepreneurship3
or ABM 3283 Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship
or T_A_M 3800 Retail Entrepreneurship
or MANGMT 3720 The Entrepreneurial Mindset
ARTGD_VS 1400Digital Tools and Concepts3
or AGSC_COM 3240 Communicating on the Web
or JOURN 4254 Tools, Techniques and Technology of Visual Storytelling
T_A_M 4000Digital Marketing Strategies for Fashion3
or JOURN 4820 Social Media and Audience Strategy
or JOURN 4262 Digital Strategy I
JOURN 4000Communications Law3
or JOURN 4256 Public Relations

Plan of Study

First YearCredits
FINPLN 10003
T_A_M 38003
JOURN 40003
Second YearCredits
ARTGD_VS 14003
T_A_M 40003
FINPLN 21833
Total Credits: 18