Minor in Captive Wild Animal Management

A minor in Captive Wild Animal Management is offered jointly by the Division of Animal Sciences and the School of Natural Resources. Students of any major are welcome to pursue this minor by taking courses in Animal Sciences, Biological Sciences, and Fisheries and Wildlife. Courses have been selected to provide a solid foundation for management of wild animals in settings such as conservation breeding facilities, rehabilitation facilities, sanctuaries, aquariums, and zoos. The required internship must be approved for the minor, and related to captive wild animal management.


Core Courses
AN_SCI 1012Introduction to Captive Wild Animal Management3
or F_W 1012 Introduction to Captive Wild Animal Management
F_W 3600Introduction to Conservation Biology3
or F_W 4600 Ecosystem Management
or F_W 4600W Ecosystem Management - Writing Intensive
AN_SCI 3242Principles and Applications of Animal Nutrition4
AN_SCI 3254Mammalian Physiology5
or MPP 3202 Elements of Physiology
or BIO_SC 3700 Human Physiology
AN_SCI 4940Internship in Animal Science & Technology3
or NAT_R 4940 Natural Resources Science and Management Internship
AN_SCI 4910Senior Seminar in Captive Wild Animal Management1
or F_W 4910 Senior Seminar in Captive Wild Animal Management
Ecology Courses (choose one)
Evolution and Ecology
General Ecology
Genetics Course (choose one)
Genetics of Agricultural Plants and Animals
Introduction to Genetics and Evolution for Conservation
Wild Animal Ecology & Natural History Courses (select two)
Invertebrate Zoology - Writing Intensive
Introductory Entomology
Introductory Entomology
Behavioral Biology
Animal Behavior
Advanced Physiology, Nutrition & Disease Courses (Choose two)
Monogastric Nutrition
Physiology of Reproduction
Ruminant Nutrition
Reproductive Management
Equine Reproduction
Equine Breeding Management
Stress Physiology
Wildlife Disease Ecology
AN 323 Zoo Nutrition (Must be taken through Colorado State University)

Application for Minor

Students interested in this minor should complete the online form located on the CAFNR website.