MS in Natural Resources with Emphasis in Agroforestry

Agroforestry, as a farming system that integrates crops and/or livestock with trees and shrubs, has a long history of interdisciplinary research at the University of Missouri. The interdisciplinary emphasis area capitalizes on existing agroforestry research collaborations across the School of Natural Resources (SNR) departments in building an academic program that could attract and serve quality graduate students from Missouri, the nation and the world. The agroforestry emphasis area offers both a thesis and non-thesis option. The program also offers an online option designed for professionals working in natural resources around the globe who already have an undergraduate degree in a related field. Please visit the online webpage for more information: For a listing of Faculty membership of the graduate Agroforestry Emphasis Area:

Degree Requirements

Students seeking the agroforestry graduate emphasis will develop their course of study to incorporate 12 hours of a core curriculum of designated courses. This has been designed to include theoretical foundations in both the biophysical and socioeconomic components of agroforestry. The curriculum leads the student through a progression of learning and applying concepts related to (A) Agroforestry Fundamentals; (B) Biophysical Foundation; and (C) Socio-economic Foundation (Table 1).

Each student's coursework requirements, including the selection of specific courses in the above categories, will be listed in the student's plan of study and approved by their graduate committee.

The 12-cr core curriculum for the Agroforestry Emphasis M.S. program

A. Agroforestry Fundamentals
FOREST 7385Agroforestry I: Theory, Practice and Adoption3
B. Biophysical Foundation
FOREST 7390Watershed Management and Water Quality3
ENV_SC 7396Agroforestry for Watershed Restoration3
FOREST 8385Ecological Principles of Agroforestry3
ENV_SC 7320Hydrologic and Water Quality Modeling3
NAT_R 8325Introduction to Geographic Information Systems3
NAT_R 8024Program Development and Evaluation in Informal Settings3
NAT_R 8300Urban Biodiversity, Conservation, and Planning3
FOREST 9087Seminar in Forestry1
AG_ED_LD 8087Seminar in Agricultural Education and Leadership1-99
AG_ED_LD 8510Research Methods and Design3
AG_ED_LD 8250Leadership Theory and Application3
AG_ED_LD 8540Methods of Qualitative Research3
C. Sociol-economic Foundation
FOREST 8395Agroforestry Economics and Policy3


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