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Certificate in Addiction Studies

The Certificate in Addiction Studies is intended to meet undergraduate interest for focused study in addiction. An addiction studies certificate will prepare students to find jobs within the health and counseling sectors. 


A total of 12 credit hours are required for completion. At least six of the 12 credit hours must be at the 3000-level or above. A maximum of nine credit hours from any department may be applied. All grades must be at a "S" or "C-" or better.  Grades of "U" or D+ or below will not be accepted. All certificate coursework must be completed at the University of Missouri-Columbia. 

Required Courses6
PSYCH 2520Introduction to Addiction Science3
PSYCH 2220Drugs and Behavior3
or SOCIOL 4620 Drugs and Society
Elective Courses6
Education & Counseling Psychology
ESC_PS 4185Health Behavior: Drug and Sexuality Education3
Medical Pharmacology and Physiology
HLTH_SCI 2400Contemporary Health Issues3
or HLTH_SCI 2400H Contemporary Health Issues - Honors
or HLTH_SCI 2400W Contemporary Health Issues - Writing Intensive
HLTH_SCI 2600Principles of Rehabilitation for the Preprofessional 3
HLTH_SCI 2850Inclusion and Equity in Health Care3
or HLTH_SCI 2850H Inclusion and Equity in Health Care - Honors
HLTH_SCI 2900Health Care In Missouri3
or HLTH_SCI 2900H Health Care In Missouri - Honors
HLTH_SCI 3700Health Care in the United States3
or HLTH_SCI 3700H Health Care in the United States - Honors
MPP 2010The Science of Sex, Drugs and Rock'n'Roll1
MPP 4204Medical Pharmacology4
Psychological Sciences
PSYCH 2110Learning, Memory, and Cognition3
PSYCH 2210Mind, Brain, and Behavior3
PSYCH 2220Drugs and Behavior3
PSYCH 2510Survey of Psychopathology3
PSYCH 3830Health Psychology3
PSYCH 4210Physiological Psychology3
PSYCH 4520Behavior Genetics3
PSYCH 4563Behavioral and Technology Addictions3
PSYCH 4580Externalizing Spectrum Disorders3
Social Work
SOC_WK 4330Addiction Treatment and Prevention3
SOC_WK 4370Delinquency, Corrections and Social Treatment3
SOC_WK 4390Helping Strategies With Children and Adolescents3
SOC_WK 4400Domestic Violence3
SOCIOL 1650Social Deviance3
SOCIOL 3255Youth in Today's World3
SOCIOL 3440Sociology of Health3
SOCIOL 3600Criminology3
SOCIOL 4620Drugs and Society3
SOCIOL 4630Sociology of Mental Health3
Women's and Gender Studies
WGST 2050Gender and Public Health3
WGST 4600Women and Health3