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Certificate in Geographical Information Science - Interdisciplinary

This certificate is designed to provide students with the theoretical, practical and technical skills that are essential for the analysis of spatial data. Students from a wide range of disciplines will benefit by becoming proficient in the use and application of GIS technologies through a flexible set of courses and hands-on experiences. The program offers the training and experience necessary to prepare for the rapidly expanding professional opportunities available in the diverse set of fields that depend on geographic information.


A student must complete a minimum of 15 hours of approved coursework, and must earn a grade average of at least B (3.0) in these courses.

Group A (Foundation courses, one from this group)
Introduction to Geographic Information Systems GIS
Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
Group B (Theoretical Breadth courses, at least one from this group)
Spatial Analysis in Geography
Photogrammetry, Inventory and Models
Landscape Ecology and GIS Analysis I
Remote Sensing
Location Analysis and Site Selection
Geographic Information Systems for the Social Sciences
Group C (Technical Breadth and Application courses, at least one from this group)
Advanced Geographic Information Systems (GIS II)
Watershed Modeling Using GIS
GIS Applications
The Geospatial Sciences in National Security
Transportation Geography
Advanced Remote Sensing
Remote Sensing for Meteorology and Natural Resources
Capstone experience (or substitute 1 additional course from above)
Special Problems in Geography
Topics in Natural Resources