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Graduate Minor in Musicology

The Graduate Minor in Musicology provides the opportunity for graduate music students to develop and/or strengthen their skills in this academic area.  In addition, completing this minor can enhance the employability of individuals with degrees in performance, theory, or composition, by preparing them to teach courses in music appreciation and music history.


Requires 15 credit hours to earn the minor. 

MUS_H_LI 8313Introduction to Graduate Study3
MUS_H_LI 8314Introduction to Graduate Studies in Music II1
MUS_H_LI 7330Music of the PostModern Era (Or any period course, including one of the following)3
or MUS_H_LI 7336 Music in the Baroque Era
or MUS_H_LI 7337 Music of the Classic Era
or MUS_H_LI 7338 Music of the Romantic Era
or MUS_H_LI 7339 Music of the Modern Era
MUS_H_LI 7311Historical Studies in Art Song (Or any genre course, including one of the following)3
or MUS_H_LI 7312 Historical Studies in Choral Music
or MUS_H_LI 7313 Historical Studies in Opera
or MUS_H_LI 7315 Historical Studies in Chamber Music
or MUS_H_LI 7317 Historical Studies in Jazz and Popular Music
or MUS_H_LI 7318 Studies in World Music
or MUS_H_LI 7320 Historical Studies in African-American Music
or MUS_H_LI 7341 Advanced Studies in American Music
MUS_H_LI 8340Focal Composers3
MUS_GENL 8085Problems in Music (Capstone independent study project)3
MUS_H_LI 7350Introduction to Ethnomusicology (Not a required course, but may substitute for a period, genre, or focal composer course)3

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