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Minor in Archaeology

The Minor in Archaeology is an interdepartmental minor that includes courses from both the Department of Classics, Archaeology, and Religion (CAR) and the Department of Anthropology. This minor focuses on the study of past societies through the analysis of material culture and remains. Students will be exposed to a strong interdisciplinary curriculum that will prepare them to apply archaeological methods and analytic techniques, and to develop the skills that are central to archaeological research in professional contexts across the world. Students will also develop strong critical thinking skills and will be able to form and evaluate scholarly arguments developed by synthesizing various forms of historical and material data. The minor complements many programs of study including anthropology, ancient Mediterranean studies, history, geography, geology, biology, psychology, sociology, foreign languages, and fine arts. Undergraduates will have the ability to engage in study abroad programs, excavations, and research opportunities, which help prepare students for potential careers in cultural and natural resource management, field archaeology, art conservation and historical preservation, museum collections, heritage management, archivism, tourism, and academia. A student wishing to minor in archaeology should contact the Archaeology minor advisor or the Director of Undergraduate Studies for Ancient Mediterranean Studies or Anthropology for an appointment.


The Archaeology minor consists of 15 hours of coursework, 9 of which must be at the 2000+ level, with a minimum of 3 hours at the 3000+ level. Students must take a minimum of 6 credit hours in Ancient Mediterranean Studies and 6 credit hours in Anthropology. Students majoring in Ancient Mediterranean Studies or Anthropology may apply no more than nine hours of coursework also approved in their major towards the Archaeology minor.

A minor consists of at least 15 credits, including at least 6 credits numbered 2000 or above, 9 of the required credits must be taken in MU course work. This requirement can be reduced from 9 to 6 at the discretion of an individual department. Students must meet the minimum GPA requirements for a minor, which in no case can be lower than 2.0. In addition, a student cannot receive a grade lower than a C- in any course applied towards a minor in the College. For more information, please see Requirements for Optional Minor.

To earn the minor, students must take coursework across three categories as follows:

Minimum one course in Archaelogical Method and Theory
AMS 1150The Archaeology of Ancient Lives3
ANTHRO 2020Fundamentals of Archaeology with Laboratory4
Minimum two courses in Archaelogical Methods *
AMS 2410Ancient Technology3
AMS 2950Archaeological Methods2-6
ANTHRO 2800Introduction to Field Methods in Archaeology1-6
ANTHRO 2825Analyzing Artifacts3
ANTHRO 3820Introduction to Archaeological Chemistry3
or CHEM 3820 Introduction to Archaeological Chemistry
ANTHRO 4520Functional Morphology of the Human Skeleton3
ANTHRO 4820Zooarchaeology3
ANTHRO 4826Stone Artifact Analysis3
ANTHRO 4890Human Skeletal Identification and Analysis5
ANTHRO 4800Field Methods in Archaeology1-8
Minimum of one Topics Course
AMS 1140Ancient Cities3
AMS 2450The World of Pompeii3
AMS 2550Farm to Table in Ancient Greece and Rome: Small Farms and Big Business3
AMS 3120Art and Gender in Antiquity3
AMS 3210Near Eastern and Egyptian Art and Archaeology3
AMS 3310Greek Art and Archaeology3
AMS 3410Roman Art and Archaeology3
AMS 3510Byzantine and Islamic Art and Archaeology3
AMS 3625Ancient Medicine3
AMS 4100Greece: From the Bronze Age to the Byzantine Empire3
AMS 4320Archaeology of the Aegean Bronze Age3
AMS 4340Greek Cities and Sanctuaries3
AMS 4350Greek Pottery3
AMS 4360Greek Sculpture3
AMS 4420Minor Arts of Antiquity3
AMS 4460Roman Sculpture3
AMS 4440Roman Architecture3
AMS 4490Late Antique Art and Archaeology3
AMS 4500Greek and Roman Religion3
AMS 4510Byzantine Art and Archaeology3
AMS 4520Art and Archaeology of Early Medieval Europe3
ANTHRO 1200Significant Discoveries of Archaeology3
ANTHRO 2215World Archaeology3
ANTHRO 4200Environment and Archaeology3
ANTHRO 4240History of Archaeology3
ANTHRO 4280Archaeology of Magic and Ritual3
ANTHRO 4500Human Origins5
ANTHRO 4620North American Archaeology3
ANTHRO 4640Prehistory of the Greater Southwest3
ANTHRO 4650Prehistory of Mesoamerica3
ANTHRO 4670Archaeology of South America3

Note: a field methods course (AMS 2950 Archaeological Methods or ANTHRO 2800/ANTHRO 4800) is strongly recommended but not required.