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Minor in Canadian Studies

A Minor in Canadian Studies allows you to

  • participate in Study Abroad programs in Canada
  • enhance your degree and career options
  • learn about the culture, history, and politics of Canada

With a minor in Canadian Studies, students will be better equipped to deal with political, economic, social and even cultural issues that will arise vis-a-vis Canada, a close military ally and trading partner. In an era that features the internet, Free Trade, and most importantly, issues of border security and national defense, knowledge of Canada is particularly useful in a number of careers. The Canadian Studies Program is an interdisciplinary program which includes Political Science, Geography, Anthropology, Romance Languages, and Public Affairs.


The minor in Canadian Studies consists of a minimum 15 hours of credits. Courses must be selected from at least two of the disciplines listed below.  Any course qualifies for the Minor in Canadian Studies as long as it contains at least one-third content on Canada. For approval of courses that meet that criteria but are not listed below, contact program director Dr. James Endersby, Truman School of Government and Public Affairs, at endersby@missouri.edu.  

  • A minor must be completed and awarded at the same time as the MU undergraduate degree
Courses in Political Science
POL_SC 2600Canadian Politics and Government3
POL_SC 4660Canada in North America3
POL_SC 4986Special Readings in Political Science (consult with professor if interested)1-99
Canadian Politics: Fundamentals and Selected Topics
Courses in Geography
GEOG 2120United States and Canada3
GEOG 1100Regions and Nations of the World I3
GEOG 3780World Political Geography: Patterns and Processes3
Courses in Anthropology
ANTHRO 2030Cultural Anthropology3
ANTHRO 1300Multiculturalism: An Introduction3

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To declare a minor in Canadian Studies, fill out the online Minor Declaration form: http://declareaminor.missouri.edu.

For general questions about the minor, contact:
James Endersby, Program Director
(573) 882-4238

Truman School of Government and Public Affairs Advising
(573) 882-2580

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