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Minor in Japanese Studies


Students may obtain a minor in Japanese Studies by completing at least 15 credits of Japanese courses. At least nine of these hours must be completed on campus. At least nine of these credit hours must be earned in Japanese language courses beyond the elementary level. The remaining six hours  can be earned in non-language Japanese culture courses, or courses from other departments that relate to Japan.

A minor consists of at least 15 credits, including at least 6 credits numbered 2000 or above, 9 of the required credits must be taken in MU course work. This requirement can be reduced from 9 to 6 at the discretion of an individual department. Students must meet the minimum GPA requirements for a minor, which in no case can be lower than 2.0. In addition, a student cannot receive a grade lower than a C- in any course applied towards a minor in the College. For more information, please see Requirements for Optional Minor.

JAPNSE 2160Japanese Conversation and Composition3
JAPNSE 3160Intermediate Japanese Composition and Conversation3
JAPNSE 3370Intermediate Readings in Japanese3
JAPNSE 3380Intermediate Japanese II3
JAPNSE 3085Problems in Japanese1-3
JAPNSE 4160Advanced Japanese I3
JAPNSE 4180Advanced Japanese II3
JAPNSE 2310Japanese Civilization I3
JAPNSE 3360Modern Japanese Literature (in Translation)3
JAPNSE 3850Traditional Japanese Theatre3
JAPNSE 3880Japan and its Cinema3
JAPNSE 4005Topics in Japanese - Humanities1-3
JAPNSE 4005HTopics in Japanese - Humanities - Honors1-3
HIST 1830Survey of East Asian History3
REL_ST 2310Religions of China and Japan3