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Minor in Jazz Studies

Student who have chosen a major in a non-music field may complete a minor in jazz. The Minor is not intended for beginners, but for students with basic musical knowledge. Hence the prerequisites (MUSIC_NM 1211 or MUS_THRY 1220) for three of the required courses (MUS_I_VT 1620, MUS_I_VT 4645, and MUS_THRY 4210) and auditions required for Jazz Ensembles and Studio Instruction.


A minimum of 15 credits is required, including the following:

MUS_THRY 4210Jazz Harmony and Arranging I2
MUS_THRY 4211Jazz Harmony and Arranging II2
MUS_I_VT 1620Jazz Piano Class1
MUS_I_VT 4645Jazz Improvisation2
MUSIC_NM 1311Jazz, Pop, and Rock3
MUS_ENS 1841
MUS_ENS 1846
Instrumental Ensemble
and Chamber Music (Large Jazz Ensemble & Small Jazz Ensemble)
MUSIC_NM 2445Studio Instruction for Non-Majors (Or additional hours in Jazz Ensembles)3
Total Credits15