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Minor in Korean Studies


Students may obtain a minor in Korean Studies by completing at least 15 credits of Korean courses. At least nine of these hours must be completed on campus, or as part of an MU faculty-led study abroad program. At least six of these credit hours must be earned in Korean language courses beyond the elementary level. The remaining nine credit hours can be earned in non-language Korean culture courses, or courses from other departments that relate to Korea.

KOREAN 2160Intermediate Korean Language I3
KOREAN 3160Intermediate Korean Language II3
KOREAN 2310Korean Civilization I3
KOREAN 2320Korean Civilization II3
KOREAN 3800Korean Economic Development and US-Korean Free Trade Agreement3
KOREAN 3890Korean Society Through Cinema3
KOREAN 4220North Korean Politics3
KOREAN 4260The Korean Diaspora in the U.S., Japan and China3
KOREAN 3001Topics in Korean-General1-3
KOREAN 3005Topics in Korean - Humanities3
KOREAN 4001Topics in Korean-General1-3
KOREAN 4005Topics in Korean - Humanities1-3
HIST 1830Survey of East Asian History3
HIST 2810History of Korea: Premodern to Hypermodern3