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Minor in Latin American Studies

This is an interdisciplinary minor composed of courses about Latin America from various departments.


  • Complete 15 credit hours from at least two departments.
  • At least 6 credits must be numbered 2000 level or above.
  • Nine of the required credits must be completed at MU.
  • The elementary levels of language may NOT be used to fulfill minor requirements.
  • Intermediate-level language courses may be used to meet minor requirements.
  • A minimum grade of C- is required for each course taken in the minor. A minimum cumulative GPA in all minor coursework is 2.0.

Course Options

ANTHRO 4640Prehistory of the Greater Southwest3
ANTHRO 4650Prehistory of Mesoamerica3
ANTHRO 4680Cultures and Peoples of the Amazon3
FILMS_VS 3875Brazilian Cinema3
GEOG 2340South America3
GEOG 3140Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean3
GEOG 3496Digital Indigenous Studies3
GEOG 4770Migration and Immigration3
HIST 1840Colonial Latin America3
HIST 1850Latin America Since Independence3
HIST 3860History of Mexico3
HIST 3870Social Revolution in Latin America3
LINGST 3721Spanish Phonetics3
LINGST 4711History of the Spanish Language3
LINGST 4721Structure of Modern Spanish3
LINGST 4723Language and Society: Spanish in the U.S.3
PEA_ST 2280Race, Democracy, and Violence in Cuba and Haiti3
PEA_ST 2280WRace, Democracy, and Violence in Cuba and Haiti - Writing Intensive3
PEA_ST 3870Social Revolution in Latin America3
POL_SC 2700Comparative Political Systems3
POL_SC 2700HComparative Political Systems - Honors3
POL_SC 4600Latin American Politics3
POL_SC 4605Latin American Politics through Film3
PORT 2160Intermediate Portuguese3
PORT 2310Brazilian Civilization3
PORT 3160Advanced Portuguese Composition and Conversation3
PORT 3260Cinema for Portuguese Conversation3
PORT 3420Survey of Brazilian Literature3
PORT 3420HSurvey of Brazilian Literature - Honors3
PORT 3875Brazilian Cinema3
PORT 3885Twenty-First Century South American Cinema3
PORT 4070Intensive Beginning Portuguese3
SOCIOL 2280Race, Democracy, and Violence in Cuba and Haiti3
SOCIOL 2280WRace, Democracy, and Violence in Cuba and Haiti - Writing Intensive3
SPAN 2160Intermediate Spanish Composition and Conversation3
SPAN 2160HIntermediate Spanish Composition and Conversation - Honors3
SPAN 2330Latin American Civilization3
SPAN 3150Advanced Spanish Conversation3
SPAN 3150HAdvanced Spanish Conversation3
SPAN 3160Advanced Spanish Composition3
SPAN 3170Conversational Spanish Practice3
SPAN 3280Commercial Spanish3
SPAN 3400Mexican Culture and Civilization2-3
SPAN 3420Introduction to Hispanic Literature I3
SPAN 3420WIntroduction to Hispanic Literature I - Writing Intensive3
SPAN 3430Introduction to Hispanic Literature II3
SPAN 3430HIntroduction to Hispanic Literature II - Honors3
SPAN 3430WIntroduction to Hispanic Literature II - Writing Intensive3
SPAN 3710Survey of Minority and Creole Languages of the U.S. and the Caribbean3
SPAN 3721Spanish Phonetics3
SPAN 3885Twenty-First Century South American Cinema3
SPAN 4070Intensive Beginning Spanish3
SPAN 4120Foreign Language Teaching Methodology3
SPAN 4130Stylistics3
SPAN 4130WStylistics - Writing Intensive3
SPAN 4420Golden Age Poetry3
SPAN 4422Spanish Theatre in the Golden Age3
SPAN 4423Don Quijote3
SPAN 4460Advanced Contemporary Culture of Spanish America3
SPAN 4461Advanced Spanish Civilization3
SPAN 4470Survey of Spanish American Literature I3
SPAN 4471Survey of Spanish American Literature II3
SPAN 4480Mexican Literature3
SPAN 4490Hispanic Oral Traditions3
SPAN 4530The Spanish American Theatre3
SPAN 4540Afro-Hispanic Literature3
SPAN 4711History of the Spanish Language3
SPAN 4721Structure of Modern Spanish3
SPAN 4722Spanish Across the Continents3
SPAN 4722WSpanish Across the Continents - Writing Intensive3
SPAN 4723Language and Society: Spanish in the U.S.3
WGST 2250Gender, Race, Class and Sexuality in the Americas3
WGST 2250WGender, Race, Class and Sexuality in the Americas - Writing Intensive3


  • Courses required for the minor may also be used to meet the College of Arts & Science Foundation requirements.
  • Minors are only awarded to undergraduate students who are simultaneous recipients of a Bachelor degree.
  • Students may not earn a major and a minor in the same field. In addition, students may not earn a major emphasis and a minor in the same field.

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