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Minor in Latinx Studies


The Latinx Studies minor will consist of 15 credit hours of coursework which includes a required introductory course (3 credits) and a required capstone project (3 credits). Students will have the opportunity to choose 3 elective classes on Latinx topics for 9 credits at different levels in humanities and social sciences, which can be tailored to their academic disciplines and professional goals. At least one of the electives must be an upper-level course (3000 level). At least 6 of the 15 credits must be taken at MU.

Required Coursework (6 credits)
HIST 2004Topics in History-Social Science (or History 2002 (UMSL)- Online)3
Capstone: Researching Latinx Studies (3 credits)
A Project/Paper/Senior Project addressing the Latinx experience is required to complete the Minor. This capstone can be supervised by a Cambio Center Fellow.
Electives (9 Credits)
Choose 3 Courses from the lists below:
Human Interactions, Applied Interpersonal Relationships
ANTHRO 1300Multiculturalism: An Introduction3
ESC_PS 2000Experiencing Cultural Diversity in the United States3
H_D_FS 2300Multicultural Study of Children and Families3
H_D_FS 3650Diversity in the Lives of Young Children and Families3
H_D_FS 4200Latino/a Children, Youth, and Families3
H_D_FS 4700Children and Families in Poverty3
PSYCH 3815Cross-Cultural Psychology3
SPAN 2340Hispanic Minority Literature3
SPAN 3420Introduction to Hispanic Literature I3
or SPAN 3420W Introduction to Hispanic Literature I - Writing Intensive
SPAN 4480Mexican Literature3
SPAN 4723Language and Society: Spanish in the U.S.3
Social Sciences
BL_STU 2604Caribbean History and Culture3
GEOG 2289Towns in Missouri and the Midwest: Voices and Inequalities3
POL_SC 2425Race and the American Story3
SOCIOL 2200Social Inequalities3
SOCIOL 4220Race and Ethnic Relations3
SOCIOL 4545Sociology of Immigration3
The Following Electives are offered at UMSL or UMKC
Human Interactions, Applied Interpersonal Relationships
Languages and Cultural Studies 2000 (UMSL)
History 2000 (UMSL)
Social Sciences
Political Science 1000 (UMSL)
Political Science 2000 (UMSL)
Political Science 3000 (UMSL)
Political Science 4000 (UMSL)
Sociology 3000 (UMKC)