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Minor in Native American and Indigenous Studies


The minor in Native American and Indigenous Studies requires a minimum of 15 credit hours. At least 9 of the 15 credit hours must be taken at the level of 2000 or above. A minimum GPA of 2.0 is required for all courses.

Core Requirements
GEOG 3496Digital Indigenous Studies3
GEOG 3560Native American Geographies3
or GEOG 3560W Native American Geographies - Writing Intensive
GEOG 4560Resources and Indigenous Peoples3
or GEOG 4560W Resources and Indigenous Peoples - Writing Intensive
ANTHRO 2950Research Skills in Anthropology1-3
or ANTHRO 4950 Undergraduate Research in Anthropology
ANTHRO 3600North American Indian Culture3
ANTHRO 4620North American Archaeology3
ANTHRO 4640Prehistory of the Greater Southwest3
ANTHRO 4650Prehistory of Mesoamerica3
ANTHRO 4680Cultures and Peoples of the Amazon3
SOCIOL 3720Settler Colonialism and Native American/Indigenous Communities3
PEA_ST 3496Digital Indigenous Studies3
or PEA_ST 3496W Digital Indigenous Studies - Writing Intensive
REL_ST 3380Native American Religions3
REL_ST 2100Indigenous Religions3
ENGLSH 2490Introduction to Indigenous Literatures3
or PEA_ST 2490 Introduction to Indigenous Literatures
ENGLSH 3490Special Themes in Native American and Indigenous Studies3
or PEA_ST 3490 Special Themes in Native American and Indigenous Studies
ENGLSH 4490Studies in Native American and Indigenous Studies3

Contact information: The NAIS minor is housed in Department of Geography, 202 Stewart Hall. Phone: 573-882-8370. Email: Geog@missouri.edu