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Minor in Digital Storytelling


The minor in Digital Storytelling requires a total of 15 credit hours, including 9 credits in Digital Storytelling and 6 elective credits.  Electives must be taken at the 2000-level or above. A minimum grade of C- is required for all courses to count towards the minor.

Core Required Courses 9
DST_VS 1880Introduction to Digital Media Production3
DST_VS 3880WWriting and Theory for Digital Media - Writing Intensive3
DST_VS 2880Digital Storytelling Production I3
or DST_VS 2830 Video Art I
or DST_VS 2885 Digital Storytelling Animation Production I
Can be chosen from Digital Storytelling, Film Studies, Art, Art History, and Theater:
Production Electives:
DST_VS 2810Story Development3
DST_VS 2830Video Art I3
DST_VS 2880Digital Storytelling Production I3
DST_VS 2885Digital Storytelling Animation Production I3
DST_VS 3850Video Games and Storytelling3
DST_VS 3885Audio Storytelling3
DST_VS 4830Video Art II3
DST_VS 4880Digital Storytelling Production II3
DST_VS 4885Digital Storytelling Animation Production II3
FILMS_VS 3520Post Production3
FILMS_VS 3540Cinematography I3
FILMS_VS 3550Field Production I3
FILMS_VS 3560Audio Engineering for the Screen3
FILMS_VS 4540Cinematography II4
ART_VS 2210Beginning Color Drawing3
ART_VS 3210Intermediate Color Drawing3
ART_VS 3220Anatomical Drawing3
ART_VS 3230Beginning Illustration3
ART_VS 3240The Graphic Novel3
ART_VS 4200Drawing Portfolio3
ART_VS 4210Advanced Color Drawing3
ART_VS 4230Advanced Illustration3
ARTGD_VS 2410Introduction to Typography3
ART_VS 2040Sophomore Seminar3
ART_VS 4040BFA Capstone Portfolio Development3
ART_VS 4050Performance Art3
ART_VS 2500Beginning Painting3
ART_VS 3500Intermediate Painting3
ART_VS 2600Digital Photography3
ART_VS 3600Black and White Photography3
ART_VS 4600Advanced Photography3
ART_VS 2800Beginning Sculpture3
ART_VS 3800Intermediate Sculpture3
ART_VS 4800Advanced Sculpture3
THEATR 2200Introduction to Performance Studies3
THEATR 2220Immersive Theatre3
THEATR 3440Acting for the Camera3
THEATR 3450Acting for Animation and Motion Capture3
THEATR 3460Voiceover 3
THEATR 3530Computer Graphics in Theatre Design3
THEATR 3550Sound Design3
THEATR 3600Theatrical Directing3
THEATR 4240Theory and Practice of Theatre of the Oppressed3
THEATR 4280Digital Media and Performance3
THEATR 4290Virtual Reality and Performance3
Theories of Narrative, Visual Culture and New Media (Critical Studies) Electives:
FILMS_VS 1800Introduction to Film Studies3
FILMS_VS 2820Trends in World Cinema3
FILMS_VS 2830American Film History I, 1895-19503
FILMS_VS 2840American Film History II, 1950-Present3
FILMS_VS 2850Italian Cinema3
FILMS_VS 2860Film Themes and Genres3
or DST_VS 2860 Film Themes and Genres
FILMS_VS 3850Studies in Film History3
FILMS_VS 3855Documentary Film3
or DST_VS 3855 Documentary Film
FILMS_VS 3861Film Themes and Genres3
FILMS_VS 3865The Holocaust on Screen3
FILMS_VS 3875Brazilian Cinema3
FILMS_VS 4370Film Studies: The Intersection of Documentary Film and Journalism3
FILMS_VS 4810Film Theory3
or DST_VS 4810 Film Theory
FILMS_VS 4820Studies in Film Genre3
FILMS_VS 4840Culture and Media3
or DST_VS 4840 Culture and Media
FILMS_VS 4860Film Themes and Genres3
ARH_VS 2150The Art of the Book3
ARH_VS 2720African-American Visual Culture3
ARH_VS 3630Northern Renaissance Art3
ARH_VS 3730Eighteenth Century European Art3
ARH_VS 3740Nineteenth-Century European Art3
ARH_VS 3750Modern Art in Europe and America3
ARH_VS 3760Contemporary Art3
ARH_VS 3780Architecture in Film3
ARH_VS 3785Arts and Artists on Film3
ARH_VS 3790Indian Cinema3
ARH_VS 3830American Art and Culture, 1500-18203
ARH_VS 3840American Art and Culture, 1820-19133
ARH_VS 3850American Art and Culture, 1913-Present3
ARH_VS 4120Gender and the Arts3
ARH_VS 4630The Renaissance Artist3
ARH_VS 4780Advanced Course in Contemporary Art3


Students who want to minor in Digital Storytelling should consult with the Digital Storytelling Academic Advisor.

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