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Minor in Film Studies


To earn a minor in Film Studies, students must earn 15 credits in film studies courses (six hours of required courses and nine hours of elective courses, two at 3000 level or above). Required courses include FILMS_VS 1800, and either FILMS_VS 2830 or FILMS_VS 2840. Film Studies and Film Production regular semester courses may count toward the minor. Missouri Online Self-Paced courses for non-majors cannot count toward the minor. A grade of (C-) or above is required for all film studies minor courses.  

A minor consists of at least 15 credits, including at least 6 credits numbered 2000 or above, 9 of the required credits must be taken in MU course work. This requirement can be reduced from 9 to 6 at the discretion of an individual department. Students must meet the minimum GPA requirements for a minor, which in no case can be lower than 2.0. In addition, a student cannot receive a grade lower than a C- in any course applied towards a minor in the College. For more information, please see Requirements for Optional Minor.

How to Declare a Minor or Certificate

Declare a minor or certificate by submitting a form online at the following link: Declaring a Minor and Certificate. Log in using your MU pawprint and password. Once submitted, your declaration will be processed by the division and you will be notified by email when it is approved.

When to Declare a Minor or Certificate

It is highly recommended to declare a minor or certificate after completing 6 credits of coursework toward it. Minors must be officially submitted to the minor division before graduation in order to be awarded.

Additional Notes

Minors can only be awarded if a degree is earned at the same time.

Minors cannot be earned in the same area as the major. For questions about whether a minor is in your major area, please consult with your major advisor.

If you change divisions (e.g., from A&S to Business, from CAFNR to Engineering) after declaring a minor or certificate, you will be required to declare the minor or certificate again.

Track your progress toward completing a minor by running an audit.


Students wishing to minor in film studies should consult with Film Studies Academic Advisor Nadia Irsheidat.