Certificate in Global Business

The Global Business Certificate empowers students with knowledge and skills to function effectively in an increasingly global business environment. Students who complete the global business certificate will acquire global business acumen and experience that will augment their undergraduate learning with practical international business education, regardless of their undergraduate major or career ambitions. This is accomplished through a) knowledge acquisition via inter-disciplinary global business coursework, b) skills development via hands-on experiential learning projects, and c) international experience via internships, field studies, and global business study abroad programs.


Requirements: 12 completed hours, 3.0 GPA in the 12 completed hours

Required Courses 3
MANGMT 3900International Business3
or MRKTNG 3900 International Business
Additional Courses (choose from list)6
FINANC 4720International Finance3
MANGMT 3910Managing Across Cultures3
or MANGMT 3920 Managing People in the Global Enterprise
MANGMT 4080Managing Global Trade3
MRKTNG 4720Global Marketing3
Trulaske Abroad Courses & Other Approved Courses (3 credit maximum from these course options)3
MANGMT 3901Special Topics in Management1-3
MANGMT 3975Current Issues in International Management1-3
MANGMT 4185Problems in Management1-9
FINANC 4185Problems in Finance1-3
MRKTNG 3975Current Issues in International Marketing1-3
MRKTNG 4185Problems in Marketing1-3
JOURN 3510Think Global: Fundamentals of Globalization and Digital Technologies3
or GERMAN 3510 Think Global: Fundamentals of Globalization and Digital Technologies
or PEA_ST 3510 Think Global: Fundamentals of Globalization and Digital Technologies
or T_A_M 3010 Think Global: Fundamentals of Globalization and Digital Technologies
Experiential Global Business Course (choose one course from list)3
BUS_AD 4500Professional Development Program - Internship3
ACCTCY 4940Professional Accounting Internship3-6
or MANGMT 4940 Professional Management Internship
or MRKTNG 4940 Marketing Practicum
or FINANC 4940 Professional Finance Internship
MRKTNG 4800Entering Global Markets3