Certificate in Investments

The Certificate in Investments will provide students with an in-depth understanding of the investments process and its key underlying elements, including asset allocation and security analysis. Students will gain an understanding of financial securities, asset classes (e.g., equities, bonds, real estate, and derivatives), and financial markets.


Students can earn the Certificate in Investments by completing 15 credit hours of study.  Students must achieve a GPA of 3.0 in the required and elective courses to earn the certificate.

Certificate Requirements and Curriculum15
Required Courses6
FINANC 3000Corporate Finance3
or FINANC 2000 Survey of Business Finance
FINANC 4020Investments3
Elective Courses (choose 9 credit hours)
FINANC 4030Financial Intermediaries and Markets3
FINANC 4120Security Analysis3
FINANC 4220Portfolio Management3
FINANC 4310Financial Modeling and Databases3
FINANC 4320Financial Futures and Options3
FINANC 4450Financial Ethics and Professional Standards3
FINANC 4620Investment Strategy of Warren Buffett3
FINANC 4820Investment Fund Management3
FINANC 4840Angel Capital Education Program3