Certificate in Sales and Customer Development

Through the required coursework and internship of the certificate, students acquire vital skills and knowledge of current best practices in the sales profession and sales management. Students who finish the 13-15 credit-hour curriculum earn the Certificate in Sales and Customer Development upon completion of their bachelor's degree, offering employers tangible evidence of a strong background in sales. For additional information on the Certificate in Sales & Customer Development, please refer to our website.


Required Courses (a minimum 3.2 cumulative GPA is required for these three courses)9
MRKTNG 3410Personal Selling3
MRKTNG 4420Sales Management3
MRKTNG 4430Advanced Professional Selling3
Elective Courses (choose one)3
Introduction to Risk Management and Insurance
Procurement Processes and Analytics
Consumer Behavior
Retail Marketing
Services Marketing
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Applications in Sales and Marketing
Integrated Marketing Communications
Note: A student can transfer in credit from another institution only for MRKTNG 3000, which is a pre-requisite for all other Marketing classes, as well as the Sales Certificate. Students may however enroll in MRKTNG 3000 concurrently (as a co-requisite) with MRKTNG 3410.
Internship Requirement (Minimum 1 credit hour) *1-3
Certificate Requirements and Curriculum13-15

Satisfactory completion of at least one credit hour for a supervised internship (summer or regular semester), with significant business to business sales job duties and a minimum of 120 hours on-the-job experience.  This credit hour can be earned in any College at MU.  Internships that qualify for this Certificate will need to be approved by the Program Coordinator as a part of the Certificate application process. See additional information on this below.


  • Trulaske College of Business students can satisfy the internship requirement by completing a suitable internship under the College's BUS_AD 4500 requirement. If a business student has already completed BUS_AD 4500 with an internship that does not meet the business to business sales setting requirement of this certificate program, that individual would be advised to register for one to three credit hours under MRKTNG 4940 for an internship that would qualify. If a student does not have an internship course offered within their degree program or is not a student in the Trulaske College of Business, that student would be advised to enroll in MRKTNG 4940.
  • All students should contact the Program Coordinator at salescertificate@missouri.edu regarding the internship component.