Graduate Certificate in Accounting Data Analytics

The Graduate Certificate in Accounting Data Analytics will provide students an opportunity to develop a data analytics skill set within the subject of accounting.  Students will be provided an introduction to tools utilized in the analysis of data from a business perspective, and how those data analysis tools can be utilized within the accounting industry to make informed business decisions based on past and present trends to lead into the future. 

Students with the certificate will develop skills in the following areas:

  • Extracting, transforming and loading data.
  • Using the appropriate method and software to analyze data.
  • Interpreting and communicating data-driven results to stakeholders.
  • Understanding the abilities and limitations of data when answering stakeholder-relevant questions.   

Student learning objectives align with the understanding and application of an analytical mindset related to data utilized in the accounting industry. Given the large amount of data processed by accountants, the industry has evolved to include a large focus on understanding large data sets and interpreting trends within the data to understand the business.

The certificate is open to graduate-level students as either an in-degree or stand-alone certificate program.  


  • 12 completed credit hours
  • 3.0 GPA in the 12 credit hours completed
  • Students choose 3 credit hours from each of following course categories:
Programming & Data Science
MANGMT 7201Topics in Management (Programming & Data Science)3
or MRKTNG 8800
R for Marketing Analytics
and Python for Marketing Analytics
Data Visualization
ACCTCY 8428Data Visualization and Data Mining3
Statistical Analysis
ACCTCY 8420Data Based Decision Making3
Accounting Electives
ACCTCY 8414Audit of Internal Controls3
or ACCTCY 8444 Advanced Audit
or ACCTCY 8437 Strategic Cost Analysis
or ACCTCY 8448 Emerging Issues in Accounting Information Systems

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