Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management

The certificate focuses on how to be an agent of change in business by managing entrepreneurial and innovative activities in established and emerging organizations. Entrepreneurship and innovation processes are crucial to economic improvement and social change across all industries and organizations. Students will learn basic management principles that are known from academic research and will implement these principles through actual experience with their own new venture ideas or with those of live clients. The certificate will prepare students to: launch their own business in an industry of their preference, consult with clients across a range of business and industry contexts, and/or to be a innovative change agent in an established business organization. Emphasis is on the general manager's perspective of balancing revenues and expenses to effectively create profitability for the organization.


Students are required to take 12 credit hours of electives chosen from seven courses in two groups.

Principles Courses (Choose at least 6 credit hours)6
MANGMT 7730 New Business Planning and Management *3
MANGMT 7760Demystifying the Management of Venture Financings, IPOs, and Direct Listings *3
MANGMT 7770Corporate Entrepreneurship *3
MANGMT 8510Project Management3
Application Courses (Choose at least 3 credit hours)3
MANGMT 7740 Facilitation of Entrepreneurship and Innovation *3
MANGMT 7761Design Thinking for Business Innovation3
MANGMT 8200Commercialization of Life Science Innovations3
Free Choice (Choose last 3 credit hours from either of two categories above)3

Course is being created and is not currently listed within the catalog.