Minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management


15 credit hours are required, at least 6 of the required 15 credit hours must be taken from Management designated course numbers from the approved course list.

Required Core (3 credit hours): Choose one of the following3
MANGMT 4700Principles of Entrepreneurship3
ABM 3283Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship3
T_A_M 3800Retail Entrepreneurship3
Experiential Core (minimum of 6 credit hours)
MANGMT 2700Introduction to Entrepreneurship3
MANGMT 3720The Entrepreneurial Mindset3
MANGMT 3760Design Thinking for New Business Innovation3
MANGMT 4740Facilitation of Entrepreneurship and Innovation3
FINANC 4840Angel Capital Education Program3
JOURN 4246Taking People With You: Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation +3
JOURN 4444Team-Based Mobile Device Application Development *3
JOURN 4734Journalism and Chaos: How to Understand and Cover 21st Century Business Models *3
JOURN 4736Changing Media Business Models *3
BUS_AD 4500Professional Development Program - Internship ^3
MANGMT 4940Professional Management Internship ^3
ABM 4940Internship Opportunities ^1-3
ARCHST 4940Internship in Environmental Design ^1-3
MUS_GENL 4540Music Entrepreneurship Practicum ^1-2
T_A_M 4949Field Training in Textiles and Apparel Management ^3
Electives (minimum of 6 credit hours)
MANGMT 4710The Entrepreneurial Process3
MANGMT 4730New Business Planning and Management3
Any one of the following accounting classes:
Introduction to Accounting
Accounting I
Cost and Managerial Accounting
Introduction to Taxation
Financial Accounting Concepts
Governmental Accounting and Budgeting
MRKTNG 4420Sales Management3
MRKTNG 4650Digital Marketing3
ABM 3224WNew Products Marketing - Writing Intensive3
ABM 4983WStrategic Entrepreneurship in Agri-Food - Writing Intensive3
ARCHST 4710Design Business Practices3
MUS_GENL 4512Principles of Arts Entrepreneurship3
MUS_GENL 4514Arts Engagement3
The following courses are options for Journalism Majors only:
JOURN 4150Using Infographics1
JOURN 4212Sports and Entertainment Promotion3
JOURN 4213Strategic Communication Mobile Sports Production3
JOURN 4214Strategic Communication Integrated Sports Production3
JOURN 4216Media Sales3
JOURN 4250Management of Strategic Communication3
JOURN 4252Branded Strategic Storytelling3
JOURN 4254Tools, Techniques and Technology of Visual Storytelling3
JOURN 4375Documentary Business and the Public Sphere2
JOURN 4464Magazines Across Platforms3
JOURN 4502Multimedia Planning and Design3
JOURN 4700Engaged Journalism1-3
JOURN 4820Social Media and Audience Strategy 3
JOURN 4824Applied Practice in Social Media and Audience Strategy 3
JOURN 4970WStrategic Campaigns - Writing Intensive3
JOURN 4992Innovation and Audience Research in Digital Media3
JOURN 4994Magazine Publishing3
JOURN 4978Media Management and Leadership3
JOURN 4984Magazine Staff3

This Spring course is open to students from all disciplines but students must apply for instructor consent by a deadline in the Fall.


 Students must be Journalism Majors for the course to count towards the minor.


Internship option based on Consistent Standards (no more than three credit hours total of internship credit can be counted toward the minor and specific internship must be preapproved by the Director of the Minor).  Must be in a declared degree program within the School or College offering the course.  For example:  MU_GENL if only for A&S students to take.  Only exception is MANGMT 4940 which can be taken by both business majors and non-majors with approval from the Director of the Minor.