MS in Business

The Master of Science in Business is a customizable degree program built by combining a 12-hour business core with certificate programs from the College of Business and our partner degree programs. Students can combine certificate programs in unique ways to create a degree narrowly focused on business, or interdisciplinary with a business foundation.  

Degree Requirements

The MS in Business degree involves three components: Twelve hours of core business foundation courses offered by the College of Business (TCoB), a graduate certificate offered by TCoB, and the choice of an additional certificate offered by TCoB or an approved certificate offered by another program.  

Completion of the degree requires 30-36 credit hours, depending on the certificates chosen and eligibility for credit waivers. Students will have the option to waive up to 6 credit hours of core courses under specific circumstances, including the completion of an undergraduate business degree.  

Core Business Foundations Curriculum12
ACCTCY 8310Accounting for Managers3
FINANC 8110Managerial Finance I1.5
FINANC 8220Economics for Managers1.5
MANGMT 8390Organizational Behavior and Management: Dyadic, Group and Organizational Processes1.5
MANGMT 8960Introduction to Strategic Management1.5
MRKTNG 8460Managerial Marketing1.5
MRKTNG 8470Advanced Marketing Management1.5
Business Certificate12-15
Additional Certificate12-15

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