MS in Finance

Mizzou’s online MS Finance is the degree for individuals who want to advance their knowledge of finance in our global business environment and enhance their analytical and financial decision skills. The design of the program fits career objectives of:

  • Working finance professionals who seek to enhance their career opportunities by gaining additional financial skills and knowledge.
  • Recent degree recipients looking to strengthen their career prospects by furthering their financial training.
  • University of Missouri undergraduate senior-level students wanting to jump-start their career by continuing their financial education. 

Degree Requirements

Delivery of this program is 100% online. You may choose to complete an optional one-week international experience. Successful completion of the master's degree requires a combination of required coursework and elective credits. You must complete four prerequisite courses or equivalents before enrolling in finance master's degree courses. Online courses are offered as 16-week/3 credit hour classes or 8-week paired class modules at 1.5 credit hours each.

General prerequisites: 
  • Financial Accounting
  • Corporate/Managerial Finance
  • Microeconomics
  • Statistics
Prerequisite courses
ACCTCY 8310Accounting for Managers3
FINANC 8110Managerial Finance I1.5
FINANC 8210Microeconomics for Business1.5
STAT 7070Statistical Methods for Research3.0
Required Courses
FINANC 8120Managerial Finance II1.5
FINANC 8220Economics for Managers1.5
FINANC 8310Financial Databases and Analysis1.5
FINANC 8312Financial Modeling 1.5
FINANC 8320Financial Markets1.5
FINANC 8350Financial Statement Analysis I1.5
FINANC 8352Financial Statement Analysis II1.5
FINANC 8450Ethics and Standards of Financial Practice1.5
NOTE: Certain required courses may be waived depending upon candidate experience, credentials or undergraduate degree.
Elective Courses
Any online 7000 or 8000 level course in FINANC
Any online 7000 or 8000 level course, with approval of Director of MS in Finance program, offered in Agricultural Applied Economics (AAE), Architectural Studies (ARCHST), Economics (ECONOM), Management (MANGMT), Marketing (MRKTNG), Personal Financial Planning (FINPLN), Statistics (STAT), Accountancy (ACCTCY), or Law (LAW)
Thesis Option (3-6 credit hours)
Not required, but may be written with approval of program director.

Accelerated MS in Finance

Any undergraduate degree seeking student at MU can choose the acceleration option with the MS in Finance program. Students must have the following in order to choose this option.

  • Have between 45-89 credit hours completed toward a bachelor’s degree
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.3 or higher
  • Earn a B or better the prerequisite coursework listed in the course list above
  • Pass a screening interview to assess readiness for graduate study in finance

Degree requirements are the same between the MS in Finance and the accelerated option.  

Refer to the Graduate School’s webpage on Accelerated Programs for more information. For general information on how accelerated options work at MU, and for guidance on participation, refer to Accelerated Options in the catalog.

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